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Pufftop Kingdom.jpg
Japanese name テンカイ, Tenkai
Greater location High in the sky, above the ocean
Affiliations Amiy Kingdom, Planet Bunnera
Residents Starfy, Starly, Mama Star, Papa Star, Pufftop Guards, Pearl Sprite
Ruler Papa Star and Mama Star
Enemies Battafurai, Birinagashi, Blinkfin, Bogyo, Chikkin, Yomper, Astro Bagger, Sea Swabbie, Erekirage, Imadame, Hebiru, Isogin, Kabutomashin, Komeruto, Kushamisekizou, Medatsuka, Mantowani, Nishikikoiru, Nubble, Piranya, Potori, Sukarudon, Sukarupu, Tsurutsura, Zuratta, Hiramei, Hyappo, Pearl Sprite
Areas (levels) 1, 7, or 10
Stage boss Ogura (Densetsu no Starfy), Puchi Ogura #8 and Yurikarugo (Densetsu no Starfy 2), Konk (The Legendary Starfy)
First appearance Densetsu no Starfy
Latest appearance The Legendary Starfy

The Pufftop Kingdom (Japanese: テンカイ王国 (Super Smash Bros. Brawl), or 王国テンカイ (Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS) or テンカイ国 (Densetsu no Starfy R), all meaning Tenkai Kingdom), more commonly referred to as Pufftop (Japanese: テンカイ, Tenkai, literally meaning "Sky World" or "Heavenly World", though "kai" (カイ) can also mean "kingdom" or "ocean") is a kingdom in the sky in which Starfy, Starly, and Moe reside.

Pufftop is magically floating over the ocean, and is lead by Starfy and Starly's parents; the king (Papa Star) and queen (Mama Star). It is protected by the Pufftop Guards, although they apparently do not train too much and are not that reliable. Many of Starfy's grand adventures begin here.

Prior to the events of Densetsu no Starfy 3, the jar that holds Ogura was kept here, until it was destroyed completely.

Pufftop is the final Stage in Densetsu no Starfy and the eighth Stage in Densetsu no Starfy 2. In The Legendary Starfy it is the ninth Stage and is unlocked only after beating the main game.

In The Legendary Starfy, there are two minor references to a newspaper called The Pufftop Times.

Landmarks and features

Though Pufftop is its own kingdom, it is not confirmed which areas other than the Pufftop Palace (and its sub-locations) are part of the kingdom. Pufftop is partnered with the Amiy Kingdom.

It is stated in The Legendary Starfy games that Pufftop itself is a kingdom high in the sky above the ocean, which may suggest only the Pufftop Palace and its surrounding areas count. However, in Densetsu no Starfy, Horun reveals that Pufftop was once part of Undersea Temple.

The location Sea of Sky seems to be the closest place to the Pufftop Palace; the main landmark of the Pufftop Kingdom. Sea of Sky can be reached from the exterior of Undersea Temple with the help of Horun and a Jueri. Climbing the Sea of Sky will eventually lead to Pufftop. Climbing the Sea of Sky can also be achieved with the help of Jueri, as well as its floating pools and clouds.

Starfy, Starly and Moe get to the Sea of Sky from the Undersea Ruins in Densetsu no Starfy 3, and at least one Pufftop Guard can be found at the Sea of Sky in this game, where the Pufftop Guard's role(s) was to search for the location of Old Castle.

Densetsu no Starfy's initial introduction screen to Sea of Sky, a place that leads to Pufftop Palace

Pufftop Palace

The Pufftop Palace is the main landmark of the Pufftop Kingdom. It is a palace with orange dome shaped roofs and a red flag at its top with a star symbol on it.

The entrance of Pufftop Palace is where Papa Star and Mama Star stay, as well as multiple Pufftop Guards. Here, there are two waterfalls that run into a stream.

Inside a room in the Pufftop Palace is Starfy's bedroom, which according to Densetsu no Starfy 4, features a night lamp, a yellow bed with blue quilt covers, star and moon shaped ceiling decorations, books, a football and a Nintendo DS. Starfy's bedroom is shown in The Legendary Starfy too, but not all of it is shown to the player, and the only returning objects in it that can be seen are the football and the bed.

In the Densetsu no Starfy manga illustrated by Yumiko Sudō, it is shown that there are various other rooms in the palace.

In Densetsu no Starfy R, as seen in Super Difficult! Love of a Young Girl, there is a room where Starfy and Moe sat down to do some fortune-telling card readings, and where Starly pretended to be a medium.

In the same chapter, it is shown that Starly apparently has her own room, where she kept merchandise relating to Coral, including books, a mug, and a photograph. She also has a large TV, which showed a picture of Coral.

In Pufftop Kingdom, Game King Playoff, Starfy, Starly and Moe are shown to own an "FS" (based on the Nintendo DS) with Tetris, a Gamefyūbe (based on the Nintendo GameCube), a Tenkaido Fii (based on the Wii) and a "Fimicom" (based on the Famicom), with "Orima Brothers"; a play on Mario Bros..

The entrance in Densetsu no Starfy

F Zone

Starfy and Moe exploring the entrance to the F Zone

The F Zone (Japanese: Fゾーン) pronounced Fee Zone (Japanese: フィーゾーン) is a location in chapter 9 of the Densetsu no Starfy R manga — "Extremely Strange F Zone!?". According to a story told by Starfy in a black suit, it is located deep under the ground of Pufftop Palace past a door that leads down to some stairs. There is a one-eyed ghost in the F Zone, some spike traps and a heavily secured door.

Through the heavily secured door is a trapdoor where there is nothing below it but the sky and the sea.

Possible locations and features

The following locations may be located in the Pufftop Kingdom, but it is not confirmed that they are.

Pufftop Scholar's room

The Pufftop Scholar's room appears in Densetsu no Starfy 3. Here, the Pufftop Scholar taught Starfy, Starly and Moe about the Evil Crystals. There is a whiteboard there with an Evil Crystal diagram on it, as well as two tall bookcases with many books. One of the bookcases has a ladder leaning on it.

Pufftop Research Center

The Pufftop Research Center is an implied location mentioned in Note 43 in The Legendary Starfy, where the "Pufftop National Science Team" (Japanese: テンカイしぜんけんきゅうチーム, Pufftop Nature Study Team) conduct research, and found out about "a rare species with the power to use natural energy to transform their shapes."; this description matches the traits of the Bunnerans.

It is not known where exactly the Pufftop Research Center is, and in the Japanese version, it is not even mentioned in the Note at all.

In Densetsu no Starfy

Main article: Pufftop (Densetsu no Starfy)

Stage description

『テンカイ』: "いよいよ さいごの たたかい! オーグラを たおして平和を とりもどそう!"

The description when starting the Stage before clearing the game

Major events

Starfy's adventure first begins in the Pufftop Palace, his home, when he accidentally drops several items into the ocean through his clumsiness. Among these items is the magic jar Ogura was sealed in. After dropping the jar into the ocean, storms strike Pufftop, sending Starfy into the ocean. Starfy is awakened by Old Man Lobber, and sets out on a quest to return to his home. Throughout his journey, Starfy makes many new friends in particular Moe, who always follows Starfy around assists Starfy with advice throughout his journey. Starfy eventually arrives at his home through the Sea of Sky along with his Moe. They find that Pufftop is in ruin due to its recent takeover by Ogura. By navigating through the derelict Pufftop, Starfy eventually encounters the infamous Ogura and battles him. Finally, after Ogura is resealed within the jar, Pufftop returns to normal and Starfy's adventure ends happily.


After Starfy returns to Pufftop Palace's entrance with Ogura sealed in the jar and all the Treasure Items, Moe chases after Starfy anyway, although the kingdom is peaceful for now. At night, the Pufftop Palace holds a celebration with fireworks, with the last ones being shaped like Starfy and Moe.

In Densetsu no Starfy 2

Main article: Densetsu no Starfy 2#Story

Times in the Pufftop Kingdom were peaceful once again after Ogura was trapped inside the jar, but not until too long. After Ogura threw two black orbs out from his nose towards the top of the jar, they fell down and began to multiply and they soon developed into ten children which Ogura named the "Puchi Ogura". Ogura used the Puchi Ogura to cause another storm to hit Pufftop, and the storm toppled the jar over to release Ogura. Ogura then kidnapped Mama Star, so another adventure began after Starfy ran off to rescue her. Starfy headed to the edge of Pufftop and cried, and although he was hesitant and stepped back from the edge, he was determined to rescue Mama Star so he went to run off the edge of Pufftop Palace. Moe grabbed Starfy trying to stop him, but Starfy overpowered Moe and they both fell in to the ocean, landing on a beach. Moe moaned at Starfy, who was tearful and Starfy began to cry again, which Moe found annoying. After Starfy eventually stopped crying, Moe asked Starfy to follow him and reassured him that he can get help from Old Man Lobber when he is troubled.

Events in the Pufftop stage

Horun helps Starfy and Moe get back to Pufftop during the events of Yeeha Alpine (Stage 7)'s Area 4 and 5. Pufftop follows as the next Stage after Starfy defeats Puchi Ogura #7 and the Mandazetto.


After Starfy returns to Pufftop with the jar and all the Treasure Items, he does not knock over the jar again. Starfy reunites with his mother, Mama Star and Starfy, Papa Star, Mama Star and the Pufftop Guards have a party with drinks. Several fireworks appear, with the last ones being shaped like a star and Moe. Moe is not at the Pufftop Palace celebrating though; he is rather standing on a nearby cloud with a wooden wagon holding nine treasure chests.

In Densetsu no Starfy 3

Main article: Densetsu no Starfy 3#Story

Following the events of Densetsu no Starfy 2, although the jar still held Ogura, another storm struck Pufftop for seemingly unknown reasons. An unknown being (later revealed to be Evil); Ogura's "personage" then sent a lightning on the jar, destroying it completely and releasing Ogura. Starfy's family decide that they must pursue Ogura and find out more about his so called "personage", but as before, Moe tries to stop Starfy from going off the edge of Pufftop. After princess Starly is introduced for the first time, Starly pushes both Starfy and Moe off of the edge of Pufftop towards the ocean while they resist. Starly successfully pushes them off of the edge and then jumps off with them.

When Starfy, Starly and Moe return to Pufftop after failing to defeat Evil, they must watch a lecture with the Pufftop Scholar in a room to learn about the Evil Crystals, and how they are needed to truly defeat him. After Starfy, Starly and Moe collect all but one Evil Crystal, Ogura provides the last Evil Crystal so that they can defeat Evil but sacrifices his life in the process, leaving them in tears after Ogura says his last words.


When Starfy, Starly and Moe later return to Pufftop after truly defeating Evil, everyone celebrates and Papa Star, Mama Star and the Pufftop Guards hold a party with food and drink. Starly washes Starfy in what looks like a bathroom but Starfy's face gets covered with foam and he doesn't seem to pleased. Later, Starfy and Starly sleep together in their bedroom. Moe and his siblings eat together on a cloud near Pufftop Palace and Moe raises his glass when he sees figures of Ogura, the Puchi Ogura, Kyorozou and his mother in the sky.

In The Legendary Starfy

Related Stuff

The Pufftop Guard Special in the Stuff

Players can discover Pufftop Guard clothing for Starfy and Starly that will appear on the Nintendo DS's top screen on the Pause Menu if the player decides to wear it on the Stuff screen. The names of the Stuff are the Guard Uniform and the Extra, Guard's Spear. If the player wears both items, they will unlock a Special called "Pufftop Guard" in which Starfy or Starly will run around a small Pufftop replica while in their guard suit.

Major events

Bunston lands on Starfy and begins to suffer from amnesia. The Terrible Trio attempt to kidnap Bunston, before getting defeated by Starfy's Star Spin. Bunston falls off of the edge of Pufftop, with Starfy and Moe following soon after.

After Starfy defeats Mashtooth, Pufftop is open as Stage 9. Starfy is not available here, so the player plays as Starly instead.


  • 9-1: The Legendary Starly (Bonus 1)
  • 9-2: A Ruckus in Pufftop (Bonus 2)
  • 9-3: Papes! (Bonus 3)
  • 9-4: Ronk! (Bonus 4)
  • 9-5: Snips! (Bonus 5)
  • 9-6: Starly's Final Battle (Bonus 6)
  • 9-7: The Royal Treasure Room (Bonus 7)