Planet Bunnera

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Planet Bunnera
Bunnera Map.png
Japanese name ランパ星, Rampa Planet
Greater location The Big Map
Affiliations Pufftop
Residents Bunnerans, Bunston, Modo, Junior
Ruler Bunston's Parents (former rulers), Bunston, (Mashtooth temporarily)
Enemies Trappa, Pajammer, Rock Punk, Daffodile, Stickler, Bullygoat, Land Swabbies, Sky Swabbies, Space Swabbies
Areas (levels) 7
Stage boss Mashtooth
First appearance The Legendary Starfy
Latest appearance The Legendary Starfy

Planet Bunnera (known in Japan as Rampa Planet, ランパ星) is the homeland of the Bunnerans in The Legendary Starfy. The leader of the Bunnerans is Prince Bunston. Bunnera is a distant planet from the Pufftop Kingdom. Planet Bunnera was temporarily taken over by the space pirate Mashtooth in The Legendary Starfy but is later saved by Starfy when he defeats Mashtooth. There are also a large amount of flashbacks with Prince Bunston and other Bunnerans who are found in The Legendary Starfy. Modo and Junior use The Cosmic Express to help Starfy and company reach the Bunnera Castle and ultimately Mashtooth.

Bunnera has a newspaper called The Bunnera Times.


  • 8-1: Starfy in the Sky
  • 8-2: Modo's Cosmic Express
  • 8-3: Asteroid Attack
  • 8-4: Mashtooth's Last Stand
  • 8-5: ???? (Secret 1)
  • 8-6: ???? (Secret 2)
  • 8-7: ???? (Secret 3)
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