Friends to the Rescue

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Viewing Friends to the Rescue from the Story menu

Friends to the Rescue (Japanese: トモダチっていいね, Good to be Friends) is the 20th Story cartoon in The Legendary Starfy.

In it, Bunston says that he'll stop Mashtooth and thanks Starfy and Moe 'for everything'. Bunston wishes there was a way to thank them, but says that he has to go to save his people. Moe tells Bunston not to abandon him because they're pals and that he can't take on Mashtooth solo, so insists that he and Starfy go with him. Bunston says that 'he couldn't ask that of Moe and Starfy', as it's 'just too dangerous'. Moe jokes, "can you believe this kid, Starfy?, we've been in nothing but danger since we met!". Moe says that Starfy and he have been "clobbering knuckleheads for a long time" and suggests that they wouldn't be good friends to Bunston if they just left him to fight Mashtooth on his own. Bunston is happily surprised that Starfy and Moe really think of him as his friend and starts to cry. Bunston thanks Starfy and Moe and gives them a big hug.

Starfy, Moe and Bunston step into Bunston's spaceship and fly off into space towards Planet Bunnera to save the planet from Mashtooth and his minions.

Friends to the Rescue (0:00-3:00