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Japanese Name サンボ, Sanbo
Located Cupid Village, Hotcha Springs
First Appearance Densetsu no Starfy 4
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

Cactot (Sanbo in Japan) is an enemy in the Nintendo DS games.


Cactot is a cactus-like creature with a white flower on his head and an orange zigzag stripe on him.


Cactots start off waddling around and will shoot his four spikes out, which damage Starfy if he touches them. Every time Cactot does this, he does a little dance before his spikes grow back.

Toy description

"Cactot likes to shake, rattle, and throw his spiky needles at enemies! Try to get him to shoot his needles so you can watch him dance!" (#014)

TLS sprite
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