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Viewing the Hint Memo 1 on the Items screen

Hint Memo 1 (Japanese: ヒントメモ1) is an item in Densetsu no Starfy 2. It is found in Pitch Dark Cave (Stage 6-5). It is one of three notes that contain a phrase. The phrase for Hint Memo 1 is 'water flea' (Japanese: ミジンコ). When Starfy obtains all of the Hint Memos, upon returning to Moe he will have to pick the correct password from the Hint Memo phrases to open the red, green and blue doors set up by Puchi Ogura #6 that block Starfy's path. The other two notes are the Hint Memo 2 (Japanese: ヒントメモ2) and the Hint Memo 3 (Japanese: ヒントメモ3). Hint Memo 2 contains the correct password to open the door, which is 'freshwater clam' (Japanese: シジミ).

The Hint Memo 1 is found in the room through the door directly north-west of Moe from the red, green and blue doors.