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EvilLogo.png Boss: Ogura EvilLogo.png
Japanese name オーグラ, Ōgura
iQue name* 奥伽魔, Àojiāmó
Hit Points 5,10,15, or 20 but for his final form it usually takes 25 hits
Species Monster
Family Puchi Ogura (children)
Affiliations Evil, Doppel, Buirun
Fought at Pufftop, Ogura Castle, Old Castle
First appearance Densetsu no Starfy
Latest appearance Densetsu no Starfy 3

Ogura, also known as Ohgura[1] is the main antagonist of the first three games of The Legendary Starfy series alongside Evil in Densetsu no Starfy 3. He was created by, and serves under, Evil. Evil is also the one who first told Ogura about Pufftop a long time ago, when he was young, and told him to conquer Pufftop for him.



According to the prophecy, an item in Densetsu no Starfy, a massive storm struck the sea, and a legion of monsters, led by Ogura, rampaged throughout it. However, Ogura's tyranny would collapse due to the actions of a Hero and their retainer. A thick fog enveloped the three, and they fought tirelessly. But no matter how many times he fell, Ogura always got back up again. His back against the wall, Ogura would flee to Pufftop in order to regain his strength. However, Ogura was ultimately defeated by the Hero's retainer, who sealed him inside of the Jar. It is later revealed that Ogura was a creation of, and servant to, a villain named Evil. Evil explains to the young monster that there is a legendary land of beauty and wealth that lies far above the sea and clouds. This legendary land is Pufftop, and Evil commands Ogura to conquer it under his name.

Densetsu no Starfy

While carrying the jar, a crown and treasure in Pufftop, Papa Star's son Starfy accidentally released Ogura from his imprisonment in the mysterious jar. Just then, Ogura (whose name was still unknown to Starfy at this time) used his magical powers to create a terrible storm. Tornadoes then struck the Pufftop Palace. Starfy struggled to hang on, and eventually dropped into the ocean showing his Done For pose. Starfy fell straight into Lobber's Cave, located on a small island. Later in the story, Ogura banished the young prince into the Deep Sea.

Later, in Undersea Temple, Old Man Lobber asks Starfy if he can locate a legendary book called the prophecy for him, which according to legend is said to be found in the temple. The first two times Starfy attempts to obtain the book, it disappears and he is blown away by the monster. After Starfy defeats Doppel, Ogura leaves behind the jar and the prophecy. In Sea of Sky, when Old Man Lobber begins to read the prophecy it reveals Ogura's name. It prophesied correctly that a large storm would hit the sea and that a hero would have to defeat Ogura's minions one after the other.

After the final battle with Ogura, Starfy makes up for his mistake by imprisoning Ogura in the jar once again, although he accidentally trips and knocks 45 treasure chests into the ocean. When Moe chases him, Starfy knocks over the jar and releases Ogura once again. If Starfy imprisons Ogura without obtaining all the treasure, he will continue to make the mistake of knocking the jar into the ocean again until all 45 treasure chests have been obtained.

Densetsu no Starfy 2

In Densetsu no Starfy 2's opening, Ogura is shown angry in the Jar, due to Starfy sealing him back inside of it during the events of Starfy 1. Cursing the royal family, Ogura clings onto the word "family," and he gets an idea. After picking his nose, he created 10 children who, due to their small size, were able to escape the jar. Freeing their father by conjuring up a violent storm, Ogura then kidnaps Mama Star and brings her to his lair as payback for Starfy sealing him in the jar. While Ogura flees Pufftop with Mama Star, she throws Starfy's Stuff into the sea as a way to track her.

During the events of Pufftop's sixth stage, Jueri tells Starfy that while Ogura's children ran amok in Pufftop, Ogura left to create Ogura's Castle, where he waits for Starfy so they can settle things.

After Starfy and Moe enter Ogura's Castle, Ogura sets traps for them throughout the entire rest of the world. Sending Trappas after them, activating poison gas traps, and tricking Moe by turning into a dark purple version of Ruby. After Starfy and Moe finally meet up with Ogura, they exchange words before Ogura boasts that he's gotten stronger since he and Starfy last fought. After Starfy does no damage to Ogura with his Star Spins, Ogura cloaks himself in flames and effortlessly defeats the prince. After a while of Ogura stomping on a weak Starfy, Moe rushes in and defends his battered friend. Ogura, after hitting Moe a couple times, decides to finish things and rushes towards the pair cloaked in flames. The two would have met their end, had it not been for Old Man Lobber, pushing Ogura back with a blue shield of magic. The two clash for a while, but neither of them can get the edge over the other. Both heavily weakened, Ogura retreats, and Lobber gives Starfy and Moe the Jar. After a conversation about responsibility, Starfy and Moe prepare to fight Ogura and save Mama Star. Starfy defeats all three of Ogura's forms, Moe seals him in the Jar, and Starfy is reunited with his mother.

Moe, wanting his reward for helping Starfy, asks for treasure, and Papa Star hands him a treasure map. Due to Starfy losing the treasures in the previous game, during the time between Starfy 1 and 2, the royal family has been hiding the treasures throughout the sea, and Moe must use the map to find them. Moe tells Starfy to get a move on, but the prince doesn't want to, seeing as his mother's finally back home. Angry, Moe tries to tackle Starfy, who dodges out of the way, making Moe bump into the jar, freeing Ogura once again. Hearing that Pufftop's 45 treasures are strewn about the sea, Ogura and his children leave Pufftop and search for the treasures. Moe, angry that Starfy made him release Ogura again, drags him along to find the treasures before Ogura and his children can.

During post game, just like Starfy 1, Ogura holds the last treasure, which can only be obtained by defeating him after collecting the other 44.

Densetsu no Starfy 3

In Densetsu no Starfy 3's opening, Evil gets impatient due to Ogura's failing to conquer Pufftop. Commanding Ogura to return to him immediately, Evil conjures a storm that wracks Pufftop (to the confusion of its residents). A lightning bolt strikes the Jar, destroying it and releasing Ogura, who would then gloat to Starfy and the others that as long as "that man" (Evil) is around, he can't lose. Ogura laughs and flees the palace, making his way to his master in a hurry, trying not to be late. We get glimpses of Ogura's past and relationship with Evil throughout the game, shown through the many cutscenes involving him shown during the 4th stages of every world (except for Old Castle).

While flying over Lobber's Cave, Ogura flies as fast as he can to get back to the Old Castle, reminiscing about when Evil created him and gave him his mission to conquer Pufftop.

While passing through Coral Coast, Ogura creates monsters in an attempt to slow down, and potentially even eliminate Starfy, Starly, and Moe, who were chasing after him. Ogura creates Jellysquish, Pinpin, Modoki, and Buirun, the boss of the area.

While flying past Misty Town, the thick fog reminds Ogura of the time he lost to Papa Star and Old Man Lobber long ago, as a similarly thick fog was present during their battle. This makes him angry, and says that now that Evil is working alongside him, he will never lose again.

When Ogura arrives in Kachiwari Iceberg, Ogura hears what he says is "Lord Evil's anger", remembering the time when he was initially defeated and sealed by Papa Star and Old Man Lobber. Evil angrily pounds his fist against his throne, furious that Ogura failed him. But, Evil decides to give Ogura another chance to free himself from the Jar and successfully conquer Pufftop. If Ogura fails him again, Evil will take his life. Sometime before or after this cutscene, Ogura frees Pengod, a fearsome monster that was sealed inside of a glacier long ago.

Later, while flying past the Jungle, Ogura found several pots belonging to Burako and broke some of them because they reminded him of being sealed in the jar, which Ogura hated. This releases all of Burako's snakes into the nearby cave.

When Ogura made it to Flamer Volcano, Sansho Daddy and the Chibi-Sansho threw rocks at him, all while Ogura laughed at their attacks. However, Ogura is reminded of his deceased children, the Puchi Ogura, after saying the word "family". After he remembers his children, who fought so hard beside him only to be defeated by Starfy, he gets angry and blows away the Chibi-Sansho.

In Gabun Ocean Trench, Taiblond shows Starfy, Starly, and Moe photographs that show Ogura headed to the Old Castle, passing the Undersea Ruins and the Sea of Sky on the way.

When Ogura arrives at Old Castle, an angered Evil chastises him for being late, and failing to conquer Pufftop. Ogura profusely apologizes to Evil, claiming that he'll succeed the next time, and begs for Evil to spare his life. Evil gives Ogura one last chance. However, if Ogura fails this time, his life is forfeit. Ogura, understanding this, is given a power up from Evil, altering his appearance and making him much, much stronger.

Once Starfy, Starly, and Moe beat Ogura after a tough fight in the Old Castle, they learn that they can't truly defeat him due to not having the Jar. However, they learn from the Pufftop Scholar that they require 42 Evil Crystals to truly defeat Ogura and Evil. The Pufftop Scholar gives Starfy and the others one of them, while all but one of the others are found at the ends of past levels. Short of one Evil Crystal, after defeating Evil's second form, things look bad for Starfy, Starly, and Moe until Ogura appears and spares the last Evil Crystal; the Evil Crystal that was in his master's possession. After putting an end to Evil, Ogura (referred to as ボロボロのオーグラ改 (Battered Altered Ogura)) has a final conversation with the trio whom he fought so long against. He says that their courage, friendship, and pure hearts have changed him, and that he's sorry for everything he's done up until now. Ogura tells Starfy to take care of his friends, family, and Pufftop, taking his final breath. After the trio, with Ogura's body in tow, escapes the crumbling Old Castle, Ogura turns into a blueish-white orb and flies offscreen. Thus ending the story of Ogura and of Starfy 3.


Densetsu no Starfy 4

Both Ogura and Evil are mentioned in texts in the game, but do not appear.

Ogura and Evil are mentioned by Lobber, who was tending to his bonsai. He says that it's peaceful, and it's all thanks to Starfy and the others defeating Ogura and Evil that he can tend to his bonsai like this. One of the Phone Calls viewable in Moe's House features an unknown caller who calls Moe, but says nothing for as short time. After Moe tells them to say something, they simply say "Ogura" before hanging up. There are no hints as to who this voice may belong to, but it must be someone who knows Ogura, and likely knows of his fate at the end of Starfy 3.

The Legendary Starfy

Ogura is mentioned by Old Man Lobber and indirectly in The Pufftop Legends, but does not appear.

Densetsu no Starfy (Yumiko Sudō) manga

Ogura makes an appearance, or is shown, or is mentioned many times in the Densetsu no Starfy manga illustrated by Yumiko Sudō.

Volume one

  • At the beginning of chapter one, Going to the Human World Fii!, Starfy has a dream where he had to save Old Man Lobber from Ogura, but after saving him, Starfy is attacked by a giant fish monster and wonders if he is going to die, until he wakes up.

Volume two

  • In chapter one, Ogura and the Showdown Fii!, Ogura attacks Pufftop Palace. Starfy decides to return to Pufftop after fighting enemies, but the crisis prevents a planned welcome home party for Starfy from taking place. Starfy tries to get Ogura back in the jar and he succeeds, but only after some trouble where he and Moe almost get stuck in the jar.
  • In chapter two, Out on a New Adventure Fii!, after Starfy disagrees to work as hard as the Pufftop Guards seem to work, Papa Star slaps him, making him feel angry. The next morning Mama Star says she agrees with Papa Star. Starfy, in frustration, seems to threaten to release Ogura from the jar. After Mama Star slaps Starfy, Starfy attacks Mama Star, and this causes her to fall and break the jar. Ogura kidnaps Mama Star after he is released from the jar. Despite being mad at Mama Star, Starfy is upset about Mama Star being kidnapped and doesn't hesitate to leave Pufftop to save her.
Starfy brings Moe with him, thus starting their new journey. Mama Star apparently attacks Ogura, leaving him injured with an 'X' on his right eye.
  • In chapter three, Nostalgic Reunion Fii! takes place after Mama Star was kidnapped by Ogura, though he is not actually seen in this chapter even though he appears in a thought bubble.
  • In chapter five, Get Mama Back Fii!, Starfy misses Mama Star after she was kidnapped by Ogura and is sitting down in sadness next to the ocean. After Starfy finds a bottle with a video tape inside, he plays it with a video player and it is revealed to be a message from Mama Star to Starfy, who informs him she is in Ogura Castle.
Later, after Starfy and Moe find it, they have to fight Mama Star after Ogura tells them she has been brainwashed. Starfy successfully traps Ogura in the jar. "To tell the peace", Starfy, Moe and Mama Star throw many bottles full of video tapes (video messages) into the sea, but Starfy worries that the jar may have been thrown into the sea with the video tapes.
  • In chapter seven, "Big Panic, the Jar is Broken Fii!", the people of Pufftop are celebrating the return of peace to their home, but Starfy accidentally smashes the jar into a table. The jar breaks and Ogura gets out of a hole from the jar, but he happens to be asleep. Starfy tries to fit Ogura back in the hole in the jar and seals up the hole with tape, but this doesn't work as the tape becomes undone and his tail sticks out of the jar again. After trying to hide Ogura from Papa Star and the Pufftop Guards, Starfy accidentally drops the jar from Pufftop Palace after spitting it out, pretending Ogura's tail is food to fool Papa Star. The jar then lands on a cloud.
An old man called Shuuri-jiisan tells Starfy and Moe that he is running a repair shop, and offers to repair the jar if Starfy and Moe bring him some cured clay. Shuuri-jiisan claims the clay is 'out of stock', and Starfy and Moe are forced to use a map to go through six highly dangerous areas to reach the clay. These areas include the Ocean of Sharks, the Magma Reservoir, the Sea Urchin's Nest, the Sharp Tunnel, the Waterfall Climb, and the Sludge Pond.
Navigating these areas leaves Starfy and Moe in a bad shape. After they obtain the clay, it is revealed that Shuuri-jiisan is Ogura in disguise.
As the other residents of Pufftop are still partying, Papa Star sees two 'shooting stars'. Papa Star starts to make a wish, but the guards tell him that it is actually Starfy and Moe chasing Ogura.
  • In chapter nine, "Meeting a Friendly Tree Fii!", while Starfy and Moe are sleeping in a tent in a forest they hear a loud noise and Starfy thinks it could be Ogura, but it happens to be a giant tree called Yugudorajii moaning in pain, because one of his branches is broken. Moe had broken one of his branches to use as a tent peg, but didn't want to say so.
After Starfy puts a bandage around the broken branch, Yugudorajii rewards him with fruit and tells him and Moe more about himself. He said that he attacks anyone that tries to cut his branches and said someone recently cut one of his branches while he was asleep. Moe nervously suggests that Ogura is responsible, and Yugudorajii says he knows Ogura and saw him go towards a mountain the day before.
Starfy and Moe climb the mountain, but they notice that a fire has started at the forest they left, and it is revealed to them that Ogura clearly started the fire because he is seen passing by with a torch. Starfy extinguishes the fire with a "water tornado" Star Spin, only for Starfy and Moe to find that Yugudorajii had already burned down. Starfy starts to cry, but a voice tells him not to cry. A small tree comes out of the ground where the branch tent peg was and introduces himself as Yugudorajii. The smaller Yugudorajii tells Starfy and Moe that branches planted in the soil can become new trees. Starfy cries with joy. Moe proudly tells them that he was one who planted the branch. The new Yugudorajii grows some fruit. Moe assumes it's a gift for him, but then Yugudorajii attacks him for breaking a branch off the bigger Yugudorajii.
  • In chapter ten, "Mines are Dangerous Fii!", Starfy and Moe are seen on the top of a mountain, searching for Ogura. When they try to find the source of the smell of some tasty food, they encounter Sir Hokwi and the Hokwi Group who want to take care of some land mines placed in the town by Ogura.
  • In chapter eleven, "The Sealed Jar and the Big Disturbance Fii!" (volume two's final chapter), a Pufftop Guard riding a flying star-shaped object called the Pufftop Vehicle introduces a longer version of the jar. Ogura comes over and knocks it out of Starfy's hand. Moe grabs the jar in anger and tries to stop Ogura from using it but Ogura takes the cork out of the jar and it sucks up Starfy and the Pufftop Vehicle.
Starfy is forced to escape from the jar using the Pufftop Vehicle, but is worried that everyone was defeated by Ogura, so he checks the places he has previously visited, only to find no one is there. When Starfy visits Pufftop as his last destination, he finds Ogura. Starfy wants to trap him inside a jar, but Ogura thinks he is a fool because Starfy has no jar, and knocks Starfy into the ocean with his tail towards some spikes. Ogura comments that he wishes he could "come back to life".
Starfy is saved by Moe by a rope that pulls him out of the jar. It turns out that he was pulled out of the jar by Moe, who winks at Starfy. Starfy is surprised to see that everyone he was looking for are there to cheer him on and they are all glad that he is safe.
Moe and the Pufftop Guard explain that both Ogura and Starfy were sucked up by the long jar and Mama Star explains that the world inside the jar is similar to Starfy's world, but without any living things, to which Starfy replies that he didn't know that at all. Starfy feels honored that everyone is there for him, including Old Man Lobber who Starfy is close to. He seems to have recovered from his memory loss in chapter three of volume two, Nostalgic Reunion Fii! and he also explains that news has come in that Ogura has died. Starfy starts to cry hysterically but says that it is 'good everyone is unharmed'.

Powers and abilities

Ogura's final form in Densetsu no Starfy.

Ogura can summon thunderstorms to rain down lightning bolts on all his victims. Ogura also has the ability to produce fire, twisters, bombs, icicles, black holes via his mouth among others, huge lasers, flaming meteors, wind, and even heal a bar of health when in peril. He has several transformations that he uses to fight his foes.



  • Ogura, like many old men in the series, uses the pronoun Washi in Japanese.
    • However, unlike the many old characters that use it, he does not have the honorific Jii (じい) or Jiisan じいさん) in his name.
  • If one looks at Konk closely it can be noticed that he bears some resemblance to Ogura without the fire on his head and with a shell.
  • Ogura shares some traits with another Nintendo villain: Bowser. Both have kidnapped a royal character at one point, both have multiple children, and both are known to create magic in some way.
  • A lot of the time his text is only in katakana.
  • His final form looks similar to Evil.
  • In Densetsu no Starfy 1, Ogura's laugh is "Fuhahahaha!", which is unique to that game. In Starfy 2 and 3, he instead has "Gwahahaha!" as his laugh.
  • In Densetsu no Starfy 2, Ogura's text just prior to the scripted loss boss fight cannot be skipped with Start, though text in later parts of the event is skippable. This is only possible prior to completion of the file.[2]

Name origin

  • Possibly from 小暗い (ogurai), meaning dusky, dim or shady with a lengthened オ/お (o).


  1. A romanization in the Densetsu no Starfy 3 Nintendo Official Guidebook, page 8. He is later mentioned in the English translation of The Legendary Starfy (the fifth game in the Legendary Starfy series) as Ogura, however.
  2. Note: This point was tested on Wii U Virtual Console. As it is a technical detail, there is a possibility although not tested that it works differently on the cartridge version.