Facial Hair Vaccine

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Viewing one of the Facial Hair Vaccines from the Items menu

The Facial Hair Vaccines (Japanese: ヒゲワクチン) are items in Densetsu no Starfy 2, found in Resshi Lake (Stage 9-6). They are needles containing a green fluid. During the story, Jiiyan releases round yellow objects from his mustache to give Funazou a mustache, Jojiro a beard, Loverin a mustache, Lovelove a beard, Resshi a mustache and Moe a mustache. Starfy must collect three Facial Vaccines in total to remove the facial hair of everyone affected except Moe (in the respective order, with one of the Facial Hair Vaccines removing the facial hair of Jojiro, Loverin and Lovelove).

Moe appears normal again without the need of Starfy to obtain another Facial Hair Vaccine at the start of Torrent's Waterfall which is available after beating Jiiyan and Puchi Ogura #9 in a boss battle.