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The Puchi Ogura (Japanese: プチオーグラ, Puchi Ōgura), literally Petite Ogura are Ogura's ten children and the main antagonists of Densetsu no Starfy 2 alongside Ogura. They only appeared in person in Densetsu no Starfy 2, however they also appeared in one flashback in Densetsu no Starfy 3. Most of them team up or are seen alongside bosses in the game, apart from Puchi Ogura #4, Puchi Ogura #6 (with a giant Kigurumi) and Puchi Ogura #10 (with a helmet) who fight by themselves. They died after they were defeated by Starfy as evident by a flashback and the end of the true credits in Densetsu no Starfy 3.

Puchi Ogura #3, #4, and #5 with the silhouettes of other Puchi Ogura.

Puchi Ogura #1

This one has a purple tail, blonde hair, and she wears a black cowboy hat. She is seen with Konk.

Puchi Ogura #2

This one has a red tail and wears a biking helmet, black visor, and blue fins. He teams up with Pekin Duck Model.

Puchi Ogura #3

This one has a yellow tail, but a lot of his body is also green. Part of his head is yellow. He teams up with Kiremoth.

Puchi Ogura #4

This one has a reddish orange and blue tail, reddish orange hair, and appears to be wearing a monocle. He can turn into a fire and ice dragon and battles by himself.

Puchi Ogura #5

Only this one's tail can't be seen. She has pink hair and wears a pink dress. She teams up with Numan.

Puchi Ogura #6

This one has a black tail, blue hair and three yellow thorn-like fins. He uses the Kigurumi to battle.

Puchi Ogura #7

This one has a yellow tail, three green thorn-like fins, yellow helmet and there appears to be a picture of a skull on his black underside. He rides Mandazetto.

Puchi Ogura #8

This one is mostly black, long tail, black hat resembles a wizard, two yellow thorn-like fins and he has a pacifier. He teams up with Yurikarugo.

Puchi Ogura #9

This is mostly yellow and appears to be crying most of the time. He is seen with Jiiyan.

Puchi Ogura #10

This one has a blue tail, an eye patch, and a bandanna that covers most of his face. He uses a big helmet to battle.


Screenshots and sprites

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In other languages

  • Chinese: 小奥伽魔 (1号 — 10号)


  • On pages 107 and 111 of the Densetsu no Starfy 2 Nintendo Official Guidebook, a sprite of Puchi Ogura #10 has his body using a darker shade of blue. This possibly means that Puchi Ogura #10 used a different color palette prior to the release of the final game. Some sprites of Echigyoya in the guidebook have him/her blue instead of red, as well.
Echigyoya and Puchi Ogura #10 using different color palettes
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