The Moon

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The Moon
Species Celestial Body
Affiliates Starfy
Homeland Space
First Appearance Possibly Densetsu no Starfy 4
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

Not to be confused with the fish, Moon.

The Moon is the large celestial body that orbits the planet Bunnera in The Legendary Starfy. It can also be seen in the background of the ??? stage. Though usually appearing inanimate, it is actually sentient and it can express emotion. During Starfy's climactic final battle with Mashtooth, Starfy used the Moon to deliver the final blow to Mashtooth thus ending his tyranny forever. Later on the Moon is seen fine and well with only a minor bump on its surface and it seemed quite happy that Mashtooth was defeated.

If the player completes Big Bossdown with Starly, a short cutscene will show where Starly will push the Moon instead of Starfy.


  • A similar moon orbits the Amiy Kingdom in Densetsu no Starfy 4 and can be observed from the background of the Tree of Beginning and Flourishing Desert stages. At day-time in Flourishing Desert, Sanbaru the sun replaces the moon. In order to see the moon, Starfy or Starly must hit a sun switch to temporarily turn the scenery into night time. It is yellow, and covered in star shaped craters like the moon in The Legendary Starfy, although it is not possible to see its face, if it has one at all.