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The Makaika Group

The Makaika Group (Japanese: マカイカズ, Makaika-zu) are a group of five squids, including their leader Makaika. They appear to be rivals with The Squirts. All of them only make an appearance in Densetsu no Starfy 3, in the stage Sea of Sky. As of The Legendary Starfy, it appears that they are outnumbered by the Squirts.


Leader of the Makaika Group, he gets beaten by Bawss, thanks to Starfy giving him the Happi and Headband that increases Bawss' power by three times.

Makaika Group #1

A masked gray squid that gets beaten by Squirt #1's Thunder Attack (Japanese: カミナリさまアタック) thanks to encouragement from Starfy giving Squirt #1 his Ukulele.

Makaika Group #2

An angry looking purple squid that gets beaten by Squirt #2 thanks to Starfy giving Squirt #2 the Gym Clothes so he can use his acrobatics.

Makaika Group #3

A serious looking brown squid that gets beaten by Squirt #3's Plover Attack (Japanese: チドリアタック) thanks Starly giving Squirt #3 the Wig.

Makaika Group #4

A brown blank eyed squid that gets beaten by Squirt #4, thanks to Starly giving Squirt #4 the Bellyband.


Official character artwork



Name origin

  • Makaika incorporates "ika", meaning 'squid'. "Makai" might be a reference to the Makai Club - a Japanese professional wrestling stable which debuted in 2002 and disbanded in 2004. Like the Makaika, there were five members of the Makai Club who were all referred to as "Makai", followed by a number.

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