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Japanese Name ニャンジャ, Nyanja
Species Cat
Affiliates Starfy, Kittana
Location/Residence Large Tree's Forest, Jungle, Hidden Village of Koimaro, Sogwood Forest, Glitzem Grotto
First Appearance Densetsu no Starfy 2
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

Shurikit (Nyanja in Japan) is a ninja cat who first appeared in Densetsu no Starfy 2. She is a recurring character in the The Legendary Starfy series, whose latest appearance is in The Legendary Starfy. She has been rivals with Kittana since school, though she doesn't take their rivalry as serious as Kittana does. In the games, she teaches Starfy and Starly ninja abilities such as Wall Jump and Air Jump. Shurikit's challenges are usually like a game of hide and seek. She or Kittana hides, and Starfy has to find them following certain clues and attack them.


Densetsu no Starfy 2

Starfy meets Shurikit in level 2 of Large Tree's Forest, where Shurikit has lost her bell. In return for finding it, Shurikit teaches Starfy the Air Jump ability.

Densetsu no Starfy 3

Shurikit appears in level 3 of Jungle, where she teaches Starfy how to use the Air Jump ability. After teaching Starfy how to use it, Shurikit asks Starfy to bring her a Fish. Starfy must use his Star Spin to stun the Fish and knock the Fish out of the water. The Fish must land on to one of three platforms for Shurikit to jump on. If Starfy follows Shurikit, she will jump to the next platform closest away from Starfy. As a reward, Shurikit takes the fish and gives Starfy some treasure. Prior to beating Altered Ogura for the first time, this 'minigame' can be repeated by leaving the room and returning again, so that the Fish will respawn and Shurikit will start jumping again but there are no further rewards for completing it more than once. If Starfy or Starly returns after beating Altered Ogura, the Fish will be there but Shurikit will not start jumping.

The Legendary Starfy

In The Legendary Starfy, she first appears in Sogwood Forest, being attacked by Grippits. Once Starfy saves her, she declares him her master, and dedicates herself to training more. Later on, once the The Terrible Trio catches up with Starfy, Moe, and Bunston, Shurikit attacks Snips and Ronk and leads them into Glitzem Grotto. There, she gets trapped in a cage, and asks Starfy to help her. She teaches him a new ability, the Air Jump, in order to help her. Shurikit calls Starfy "Master" because of how he saved her. Moe often jokes around about this.


  • Shurikit has appeared in every Starfy game since her debut.
  • Her sprites in Densetsu no Starfy 2 look very different from the other games. She appears much smaller and the white parts of her robe are not seen.
  • Densetsu no Starfy 4 is the only game where she does not teach Starfy the Air Jump, (Excluding Densetsu no Starfy, where neither she nor the Air Jump appear at all) but she still teaches a move. She teaches Starly the Wall Jump.
  • Densetsu no Starfy 4 is also the only game where Shurikit and Kittana encounter each other. When they do, Starfy and friends seem to figure out that they're rivals.
  • On The Moe Show in The Legendary Starfy, while talking to Kittana, Shurikit is mistakenly referred to as male.


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