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Test Stage area 1, map 1

A Test Stage appears in Densetsu no Starfy 2. It is partially unused, but contains some Boss battles with broken tilesets, ability demonstrations, and unused NPCs. There are at least three areas in it. The Test Stage is essentially "Stage 0" internally.



The test stage may be accessed by making the following changes to the Starfy 2 ROM image. This may be done using a cheating device, or by modifying an illegally obtained copy of a ROM image directly.

  • Change 2 bytes at 0xE4B38 from 36 D0 to C0 46. This patches an instruction that prevents access to Stage 0 from the Area select.
  • Edit the following bytes at 0x2C2644 and 0x2C2645. These control the Stage and Area, respectively, that the level marker for Stage 1-1 (post-Ending) takes Starfy.
    • For accessing the test stage, change 0x2C2644 from 0C to 00 (i.e. this changes Stage 12 (Stage 1 revisited version) in the 1-1 marker to Stage 0).
    • The byte at 0x2C2645 may be one of 01, 02, or 03 to take Starfy to a valid area (level) (i.e. X in Stage 0-X).
  • To change the starting map (the room of the level), edit the byte at 0xE67F0 (01 by default). Changing it to 00 may freeze the game as it is probably room 256.
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