Cupid Bow and Arrow

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Only in Japan!
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The Cupid Bow and Arrow (Japanese: キューピットのゆみや) is an item in Densetsu no Starfy 4, found in Cupid Village. In the story, it is parted from Anju three times.

The first time it is stolen by Moe's siblings. Starfy, Starly and Moe have to locate all three of them in Stage 3-1. After finding Moe's siblings, when Starfy and others return to Anju, Moe's siblings reveal the Cupid Bow and Arrow and they apologize for stealing it, stating that they just "borrowed it" and it didn't feel like stealing. When Starly asks why they stole it, Moe's siblings reply that they believed those who use the bow and arrow are "accustomed". Anju rewards Starfy and others with the Angel Wings (Japanese: てんしのはね) Accessory.

The second time the bow goes missing is prior to Stage 3-3. Earlier in story, the shapeshifter Akureima had kidnapped Ruby and left her at the end of Stage 3-2. During the time Starfy, Starly and Moe were looking for Ruby, Akureima steals the Cupid Bow and Arrow and leaves it at the end of Stage 3-3, seeking a reward from Degil. Starfy and others later retrieve the bow and return it to Anju. Moe asks for treasure, so Anju rewards Starfy and others with the Gym Clothes (Japanese: たいそうふく).

The third time the bow goes missing is prior to Stage 3-4. Shortly after Starfy and others leave the bow with Anju, it is stolen again by Akureima. This time he runs off with it and tries to hide as a fake Harisen-san in groups of them in three rooms of Stage 3-4.

To reveal Akureima, Starfy must use his Star Spin on a cannon to fire a cannonball into a crown-wearing cloud in each room. This makes an angry Kumo Ojisan appear with a bump on its head; startling the Harisen-san and causing them to reveal their spikes. Akureima can be recognized because the fake Harisen-san reveals tentacles instead of spikes.

After Starfy reveals Akureima's disguise three times, he flees into the boss room where Starfy must defeat him to retrieve the Cupid Bow and Arrow and progress to the Spring of Love.


  • The photos of Moe's three siblings were placed on a wanted board with 300 (red sibling), 10000 (green sibling) and 8000 (pink sibling) Pearl rewards. The player never receives these rewards in the actual game.