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This article is related to a game, manga series or other media that has not been released outside Japan. The coverage here may differ from what it would be in an official translation.

The following is a list of soundtrack in Densetsu no Starfy 2 in the order that they appear in the Sea Jams (Tone of Ocean, 海のねいろ). The Sea Jams becomes available as an option in Moe's House after completion of the game, but no music is available at first. Individual tracks must be unlocked by clearing past Areas. Music which the player has yet to unlock appears as "????????".

The track 'Staff Roll 2' becomes available as a gift after purchasing every item from Lovely's Shop.

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Name Japanese name Romaji How to Unlock it[1]
1 Opening Demo オープニングデモ Ōpuningudemo Beat 1-1 again
2 Tone of Ocean 海のねいろ Umi no Neiro Beat 1-2 again
3 File Select ファイルセレクト Fairu Serekuto Beat 1-3 again
4 Lobber's Cave ロブのどうくつ Robu no Doukutsu Beat 1-4 again
5 Sea of Beginning はじまりの海 Hajimari no Umi Beat 2-1 again
6 Turtle Turtle Land カメカメだいち Kame Kame Daichi Beat 2-2 again
7 Slippery Ice Alpine ツルツル氷ざん Kori no Umi Beat 2-3 again
8 Large Tree's Forest タイボクのもり Taiboku no Mori Beat 2-4 again
9 Pitch Dark Cave まっくらどうくつ Makkura Doukotsu Beat 3-1 again
10 Yeeha Alpine ヤッホーこうざん Yahhō Kouzan Beat 3-2 again

Page 2

Name Japanese name Romaji How to Unlock it
11 Pufftop テンカイ Tenkai Beat 3-3 again
12 Resshi Lake レッシーこ Resshi ko Beat 3-4 again
13 Torrent's Waterfall げきりゅうのたき Gekiryuu no Taki Beat 3-5 again
14 Ogura Castle オーグラじょう Ōgura Jou Beat 4-1 again
15 Path to Ogura オーグラへのみち Ōgura he no Michi Beat 4-2 again
16 Moe's House キョロスケのいえ Kyorosuke no Ie Beat 4-3 again
17 Event Clear イベントクリア Ibento Kuria Beat 4-4 again
18 A Boss Is Nearby! ボスはちかいぞ Bosu Hachi Kaizo Beat 5-1 again
19 Confrontation with the Boss ボスとたいけつだ Bosu to Taiketsu da Beat 5-2 again
20 Boss Battle バトル・ボス Batoru • Bosu Beat 5-3 again

Page 3

Name Japanese name Romaji How to Unlock it
21 Defeat Ogura オーグラをたおせ Ōgura o Taose Beat 5-4 again
22 Minigame ミニゲーム Minigēmu Beat 6-1 again
23 Game Over 1 ゲームオーバー1 Gēmuōbā 1 Beat 6-2 again
24 Game Over 2 ゲームオーバー2 Gēmuōbā 2 Beat 6-3 again
25 Pause ポーズ Pōzu Beat 6-4 again
26 Hero Lobber ゆうしゃロブ Yuusha Robu Beat 7-1 again
27 Photograph きねんしゃしん Kinen Shashin Beat 7-2 again
28 Balloon ききゅう Kikyuu Beat 7-3 again
29 Yanki Kigurumi ヤンキー きぐるみ Yankī Kigurumi Beat 7-4 again
30 Ryun リューン Ryūn Beat 8-1 again

Page 4

Name Japanese name Romaji How to Unlock it
31 Sukebon スケボン Sukebon Beat 8-2 again
32 Koala Kigurumi コアラきぐるみ Koala Kigurumi Beat 8-3 again
33 Ending 1 エンディング1 Endingu 1 Beat 8-4 again
34 Ending 2 エンディング2 Endingu 2 Beat 8-5 again
35 Ending 3 エンディング3 Endingu 3 Beat 9-1 again
36 Ending 4 エンディング4 Endingu 4 Beat 9-2 again
37 Stage Select ステージセレクト Suteji Serekuto Beat 9-3 again
38 Picture Book ずかん Zukan Beat 9-4 again
39 Treasure! おたからだ! Otakara da! Beat 9-5 again
40 Treasure Items たからもの Takara Mono Beat 10-1 again

Page 5

Name Japanese name Romaji How to Unlock it
41 Minigame Collection ミニゲームしゅう Minigēmu Shuu Beat 10-2 again
42 Staff Roll 1 スタッフロール1 Sutaffu Rōru 1 Beat 10-3 again
43 Staff Roll 2 スタッフロール2 Sutaffu Rōru 2 Purchase everything from Lovely's Shop
44 Lovely's Shop ラブリーのおみせ Raburī no Omise Beat 10-4 again
45 The Starfy Dance スタフィーダンス Sutafī Dansu Beat 10-5 again
46 Conversation Screen 1 かいわがめん1 Kaiwa Gamen 1 Beat 11-1 again
47 Conversation Screen 2 かいわがめん2 Kaiwa Gamen 2 Beat 11-2 again
48 Conversation Screen 3 かいわがめん3 Kaiwa Gamen 3 Beat 11-3 again
49 Conversation Screen 4 かいわがめん4 Kaiwa Gamen 4 Beat 11-4 again
50 Stage Clear ステージクリア Sutēji Kuria Beat 11-5 again


Unknown music appears as a file in the game's sound data. It is never used in game. It may not be valid music, although there do seem to be patterns in how the pitch changes.

Unknown 'music'

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