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Title screen with "Dumpling Recipe" instructions

Dumpling Master (known in Japan as Stapy's Takoyaki Shop (スタピーのたこやきやさん), or simply Takoyaki Shop (たこやきやさん)) is a minigame in The Legendary Starfy. The goal is to help Starly make as many takoyaki (octopus dumplings) as she can to feed to Moe.

How to play

  1. Oil the fryer.
  2. Pour the batter.
  3. Toss in the octopus.
  4. Turn the dumplings.
  5. Fry them, but don't let them burn!
  6. Put on the toppings and they're ready to feed to Moe!

Also, sometimes the player cannot oil the fryer.

Hint - If the player lets any of the dumplings burn, they will just waste their time and waste the dumplings. So, he/she should just try to turn and flip and fry and cook the dumplings in time.



All of the Japanese ranks were taken from the Densetsu no Starfy Taiketsu! Daīru Kaizkoudan Nintendo Official Guidebook. For some of the English version ranks, hacking was done to cheat a large number of dumplings.

Number of dumplings made Rank (English version) Rank (Japanese version)
0-9 dumplings Dumpling Chumpling ペッタンコ, Pettanko
10-14 dumplings Dumpling Disaster ゆでタコおやじ, Boiled Octopus Father
15-19 dumplings Humpty Dumpling へぼタコヤキ, Clumsy Takoyaki
20-24 dumplings Dumpling Fumbler オタンコナス, Otankonasu
25-29 dumplings Stumbling Dumpling ひょっタコ, Hyottako
30-34 dumplings Humble Dumpling タコヤンキー, Tako Yankī
35 dumplings Dumpling Kid タコヤキッズ, Takoya Kid
36 dumplings Dumpling Dreamer タコヤキマン, Takoyaki Man
37 dumplings Worker Dumpling タイコバン, Taikoban
38 dumplings Dumpling Fan タコヤキおたく, Takoyaki Otaku
39 dumplings Dr. Dumpling タコヤキマシーン, Takoyaki Machine
40 dumplings Dumpling Machine ひっぱりタコ, Hippari Tako
41 dumplings Dumpling Dazzler サンタコロース, Santakorōsu
42 dumplings Supersonic Dumpling ハイパータコヤキ, Hyper Takoyaki
43 dumplings Duke of Dumpling タコヤキせんせい, Takoyaki Teacher
44 dumplings Dumpling Champ タコヤきンメダル, Takoyakin Medal
45 dumplings Dumpling Hero タコヤキのほし, Takoyaki Star
46 dumplings Dumpling Ninja ゆうしゃのタコヤキ, Hero Takoyaki
47 dumplings Dumpling King テンカイのタコヤキ, Tenkai Takoyaki
48+ dumplings* Dumpling Master タコヤキング, Takoyaking