Jungle Manjuu

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Only in Japan!
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Viewing the Jungle Manjuu on the Items List

The Jungle Manjuu (Japanese: ジャングルまんじゅう) is an item in Densetsu no Starfy 3. Funazou gives it to Starfy in the Jungle (Stage 5-2). It advertises Resshi Lake, which according to Funazou is not getting many visitors in the current season. If Starfy gives it to Fat Cat and Kit Fish, he will receive the Shovel.

Item Description

  • ジャングルまんじゅうとかかれたラベルをはられたレッシーこまんじゅう…なんかずるいね "A Box of Loch Ress Manju with a Jungle Manju label over it… How sneaky…"