Shurikit's Bell

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Viewing Shurikit's Bell on the Items screen

Shurikit's Bell (Japanese: ニャンジャのスズ, Nyanja's Bell) also referred to as simply the Bell (Japanese: スズ) is an item in Densetsu no Starfy 2. It is found in Large Tree's Forest (Stage 5-2) and belongs to Shurikit. In the story, Shurikit tells Starfy and Moe that she has dropped the Bell somewhere in the stage, which has been passed down by her ancestors. She then asks Starfy and Moe if they can find it, promising a reward.

The Bell is found not far from Shurikit, in an underwater room with some water currents. Shurikit thanks Starfy and Moe for returning the Bell, and teaches Starfy the Air Jump ability in return.