Gekojii's grandson

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Gekojii's grandson
Gekojii's grandson photo.jpg
Japanese Name 孫 (まご)
Species Frog
Family Gekojii (grandfather), Gekyojii (great-great grandfather)
Affiliates Gekojii, Starfy
Homeland Presumably a cave near a waterfall
Location/Residence A cave near a waterfall, a small and cold cave (for half a year)
First Appearance Densetsu no Starfy (Yumiko Sudō)
Latest Appearance Densetsu no Starfy (Yumiko Sudō)

Gekojii's grandson is the grandson of Gekojii. He only appears in the Densetsu no Starfy manga illustrated by Yumiko Sudō. He is a friendly, young toad who went missing for half a year.

In chapter 6 of volume 1 ("We'll Absolutely Meet Again Fii!"), he was kidnapped by a Komorin when he was with Gekojii who was making dinner. The Komorin took him above a waterfall and he had to stay in a small, cold and wet cave. Gekojii had used one of his Power Up Drinks to try to climb to the top of the waterfall but he failed. Starfy was able to rescue him by using his Star Spin to climb the waterfall with the help of two Power Up Drinks that powered it up.

When Gekojii's grandson returned to Gekojii, he tells him, Starfy and Moe that he was hibernating in the cave. He offers Starfy a cup of something that fills him with power, although when Starfy used his Star Spin towards some rocks, he ended up making a star-shaped crater in the ground.

Gekojii asleep in the small, cold cave