Fat Cat

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Fat Cat
Japanese Name ナマズドン, Namazudon
Fan Name* Fat Cat
Species Catfish
Family Kit Fish (daughter)
Affiliates Starfy
Location/Residence Sea of Ice, Yo-Ho Mountains, Jungle, Gluglug Lagoon, Skydye Heights
First Appearance Densetsu no Starfy
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

Fat Cat (Namazudon in Japan) is a large cat fish dressed like a sumo wrestler who enjoys wrestling and going to hot springs with his daughter Kit Fish. He is also nicknamed the 'Masked Catfish' in The Legendary Starfy. He can be challenged in a wrestling match in The Legendary Starfy in a Side Quest called "The Masked Catfish" in Stage 6-2.

His first appearance was in Densetsu no Starfy. He does not appear in Densetsu no Starfy 4.

In Densetsu no Stafy

Starfy and Moe first meet him in this game while trying to save The Jellato Sisters in the Sea of Ice stage. Unfortunately, due in part to Moe's rough language, Fat Cat's tomboyish daughter Kit Fish does not trust either of them, thinking they're trying to give the information she has on the whereabouts of the Jellato Sisters to the bad guys, and runs away to hide, forcing the two of them to find his daughter for him. In the end, Moe manages to capture her before Starfy gets to her, but Kit Fish continues to refuse to speak, leading Fat Cat to scold her for her bad behavior. She continues to distrust Moe due to him "looking suspicous", but decides to tell Starfy what she knows. This leads to a secret passage being opened. Starfy and Fat Cat part ways after this, with Fat Cat wishing Starfy good luck.



  • In the first game there is a Japanese typo where Moe calls him Manazudon (マナズドン), probably by mistake as Kit Fish is Manazuko.
『きぐるみ』を もらったか!?」
ラブリーのはなしを きいておけ!」
「もう もってるんなら
たからものの ありかを きけ!」
「ヤツらのいばしょは 知ってるな?
ラブリーがいた海の 左はしの
トビラだ! わすれるなっ!」
  • This same typo is also present in the dialogue box when Fat Cat is talking (the part where his name is located).

Name Origin

  • Their Japanese name, "Namazudon", is likely a portmanteau of "namazu" and "don".
    • ナマズ Namazu is the Japanese word for catfish.
    • ドン Don could possibly refer to one of the following:
      • The ドン "don" at the end of their name could possibly refer to the Japanese onomatopoeia for a loud "thud" sound (in reference to the large size of this character).
      • The "don" could also refer to the first person pronoun that Fat Cat/Namazudon uses in Japanese, おいどん oidon.
      • ドン don is sometimes used as a polite suffix at the end of names in the southern Kyushu region of Japan. Fat Cat himself uses this suffix in Japanese to refer to Starfy on a few occasions, calling him スタフィーどん "Starfy-don", as well as some other characters.
      • Finally, it could refer to the Spanish/Italian honorific prefix "don" used in names like "Don Quixote" as well as crime bosses of the Mafia (e.g. Don Corleone) - this word is sometimes used in Japanese to refer to any boss-like figure (not necessarily crime related).
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