The Paper-Cut Crusher (cartoon)

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Viewing The Paper-Cut Crusher from the Story menu

The Paper-Cut Crusher (Japanese: ジャンケンアターーーック, Janken Attaaaack!) is the 18th Story cartoon in The Legendary Starfy.

The cartoon begins with Starfy, Moe and Bunston combing all 7 Shards together to fix Bunston's spaceship. The Terrible Trio then appear in a wounded state. Snips says 'sorry guys, if we go back without Bunston, he'll mashimize us.', so they ask Starfy, Moe and Bunston to 'bring it on!', saying that despite 'being on crutches' they can still beat them. The Terrible Trio then use their 'super-secret special move'; the Paper-Cut Crusher to attack Starfy and others.

The Paper-Cut Crusher (8:36)