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Only in Japan!
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The initial course.

Spring of Love (Japanese: あいのいずみ) is a large pink fountain in Densetsu no Starfy 4 where Lovewizumi is normally found. The Spring of Love is found in every stage of the game, with the exception of Degil's Castle. It is first unlocked after Starfy returns a rose stolen by Konk to the Spring of Love in Lobber's Villa. After Starfy returns the rose, this causes the Spring of Love to bloom with flowers, and Lovewizumi invites Starfy to try out its course.

There are eight unique courses for each stage in which it appears. These serve as side quests, but play a lot like minigames. It is available after defeating the stage's boss and touching the Spring of Love icon that appears on the map screen. Starfy must play the Spring of Love to progress to the next stage, but doesn't have to win. After progressing to the next stage a cut-scene is shown where Degil is using the Mon Amour Stone to overlook Starfy and Starly in their adventures.

After defeating Degil for the first time, the Spring of Love is no longer needed to progress to the next stage, but the player is free to return to an individual stage to play the Spring of Love if they wish.

How to play

Use the touch screen to guide Starfy through the spring. The player has a number of roses and every time the player makes contact with an object a rose is lost. The screen scrolls down, but Starfy won't lose by hitting the bottom. The player will lose if he/she hits spikes, gets squished by a wall, or runs out of roses. If Starfy reaches the finish line he'll win and get more Pearls based on how many roses are left.

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