Mashtooth's Master Plan

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Viewing Mashtooth's Master Plan from the Story menu

Mashtooth's Master Plan (Japanese: ランパ星とダイール, Planet Rampa and Daīru) is the 19th Story cartoon in The Legendary Starfy. This cartoon combines various cartoons to tell a story.

The cartoon takes place 'in a distant corner of space far from the cloudy lands of Pufftop...' in Planet Bunnera. It is revealed that the people of Planet Bunnera have a mysterious ability to shape-shift into different forms such as a butterfly, an elephant and a Monstar, and that the Bunnerans use this power all the time to help with their every-day lives.

Bunston and his parents are shown and the game reveals that Prince Bunston was born on this planet like all Bunnerans. Bunston's father, the king of Bunnera had a vision that one day Bunston would use the special powers he was born with to protect the Bunnerans.

Many years passed until Mashtooth heard of the Bunneran's mysterious powers and came to steal it for himself. Mashtooth and his minions, the Swabbies invaded the Bunnera Castle. One of the Bunneran Soldiers beg Bunston to run. Although Bunston refuses to be seen as a coward at first, the Bunneran soldier insists so Bunston runs away. Mashtooth captures a Bunneran Soldier and uses his sniffing attack on it to absorb its power.

Facing The Terrible Trio, Mashtooth says that 'these Bunnerans are stuffed with delicious power', but to 'dominate the galaxy and become the strongest he needs more'. Mashtooth asks a Swabbie which Bunneran has the most power, to which the Swabbie replies 'maybe the prince', Prince Bunston. Mashtooth asks The Terrible Trio to find Bunston and bring him to him and says that soon he will be the 'strongest force that the galaxy has ever seen'. Later, Bunston is hiding in the Bunnera Castle. Mashtooth's minions try to look for him and The Terrible Trio find him.

Meanwhile, Mashtooth is absorbing the power of several Bunneran Soldiers with his sniffing attack. He says that the 'snack-sized' Bunnerans have 'given him a lot of power', but he still wants more to be the strongest in the galaxy. Mashtooth wonders where Bunston is and says 'what's taking so long?!' Bunston is spotted and runs away and is knocked into his spaceship by three Swabbies. Bunston hits a button that sends the ship flying away towards Pufftop, so Mashtooth orders his minions to get him and bring Bunston to him. Bunston's spaceship is shot down by The Terrible Trio's spaceship. After another hit, it shatters into seven Shards. Bunston falls right into Starfy's room in the Pufftop Palace, where Bunston begins to suffer from amnesia and questions who he is and where he came from.

Mashtooth's Master Plan