Dolchina and Dolshe

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Dolchina and Dolshe
Dolchina and Dolshi.png
Japanese Name ドルチーナ, Dolchīna
ドルシー, Dolshī
iQue Name* 海豚奇娜, Hǎitúnjīnà
海豚小茜, Hǎitúnxiǎoqiàn
Species Dolphin
Family Dolfy (sibling)
Affiliates Starfy, Moe
Location/Residence S.S. Logwater
First Appearance Densetsu no Starfy
Latest Appearance Densetsu no Starfy

Dolchina and Dolshe are Dolfy's siblings, and are a pair of orange and green dolphins who only appear in Densetsu no Starfy. It is not clear which one is which because they are always seen together and do not jump up and down to mark who is talking during conversations.

During the events of the Sunken Ship, Dolchina and Dolshe were captured by Boctopus and trapped inside of a prison cell. Their sister, Dolfy arrived at the Sunken Ship to try to rescue them. Earlier when Boctopus was patrolling the area, he had carelessly dropped the Heart Key. Dolfy picked up the Heart Key and tried to open the cell to no success. Dolfy learns that only all four keys - the Heart Key, the Spade Key, the Club Key and the Diamond Key may open the cell.

Dolchina and Dolshe do not appear in the Picture Book, despite the fact that they appear as characters. This also applies to Loverin and Lovelove.

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