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Only in Japan!
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The Mahjong Tiles (Japanese: マージャンパイ) are items from Densetsu no Starfy 4. Maniankou, Lovely and Sabako ask Starly to locate the correct Mahjong Tiles in Stage 2-1 (Tree of Beginning) as part of a puzzle. They show Starly and others a diagram of nine tiles. Missing from the diagram are the engravings of two Pearls (Mahjong Tile 1), five Pearls (Mahjong Tile 2) and eight Pearls (Mahjong Tile 3) which are marked with a question mark. These are the correct answers for the puzzle.

The correct Mahjong Tiles are collectible in the stage. If Starly touches one of the wrong tiles, spikes will come out of it and deal 5 damage.

After Starly gives Mahjong Tile 1, Mahjong Tile 2 and Mahjong Tile 3 to Maniankou, Lovely and Sabako, Lovely gives Starly the Lovely Makeup Accessory.