Bunnera in Danger

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Viewing Bunnera in Danger from the Story menu

Bunnera in Danger (Japanese: ぽろぽろ…ランパ星, Poro poroPlanet Rampa) is the 17th Story cartoon in The Legendary Starfy.

Following on from the cartoon A Heavy Conscience, Snips of The Terrible Trio decides that they must call the boss. Snips presses a button on a machine with a monitor, hoping that Mashtooth will be in a good mood. The screen shows the Bunnera Castle in ruins, with several Bunneran Soldiers wounded. In shock, Snips, referring to Mashtooth, says 'what has he done'. Soon after, one of the Bunneran Soldiers hits the screen pleading for help and calling Prince Bunston's name. Mashtooth then appears sitting on his chair and talks to The Terrible Trio, asking 'where have they been?!' and 'where's Bunston?!'. Snips reply they have been thinking that perhaps "conquering the galaxy" isn't a good idea. She says it isn't very nice, hurting 'all those bunnies' just to steal their special powers. Angrily, Mashtooth replies "What?! You question me?!" and says "Listen up! Power is strength. Strength is everything!" He says that he'll give them 'mucus brains' one more chance (presumably referring to capturing Prince Bunston), saying that if they mess up he'll 'squeeze them like a puff pastry'. Ronk asks 'now what?', to which Snips replies 'No clue. But we have to do something'.

Bunnera in Danger (5:48-8:36)