Kit Fish

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Kit Fish
Japanese Name マナズーコ, Manazūko
Fan Name* Kit Fish
Species Catfish
Family Fat Cat (father)
Affiliates Starfy, Old Man Lobber
Location/Residence Sea of Ice, Yo-Ho Mountains, Jungle, Gluglug Lagoon, Skydye Heights
First Appearance Densetsu no Starfy
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

Kit Fish (Manazūko in Japan) is a young female fish dressed like a kabuki dancer. She has small arms and an orange colored tail with a white underside. She is always seen in the company of her father Fat Cat and enjoys spending time at hot springs. She can sometimes have bad manners, but Fat Cat says she is more behaved than he was at her age.

In Densetsu no Starfy

Fat Cat and Kit Fish are introduced to Starfy and Moe at the Sea of Ice while trying to save The Jellato Sisters. She seems to know something of the whereabouts of the Jellato Sisters, but she believes both Starfy and Moe are the bad guys, according to Fat Cat. This is referenced in the lyrics of Becky's version of the Title Song.

Because of this, Starfy and Moe have to chase after her as she opts to run away and hide from them. Eventually, they manage to catch up with her (with Moe arriving before Starfy), but she refuses to tell either of them what she knows about the whereabouts of the sisters, prompting her father to scold her for misbehaving. She continues to distrust Moe because he "looks suspicious", but she agrees to tell Starfy what she knows, leading to a secret passage opening up. The two groups split ways after this, though Fat Cat wishes the two of them luck before they part.



  • In each of the Game Boy Advance games, Kit Fish wears a hair pin shaped like the Latin Christian cross. In all versions of The Legendary Starfy, an additional piece was attached to the right end of the cross, making the pin appear more in the form of an elongated "H" shape than as a cross. This is probably a form of religious censorship.