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Japanese Name Zonbyi, ゾンビィ
Leader Zunbie Leader
Located Sogwood Forest and Glitzem Grotto
First Appearance The Legendary Starfy
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

Zunbies (Zonbyi in Japan[1]) are small blue furred monsters that can be found in Sogwood Forest and Glitzem Grotto in The Legendary Starfy. Zunbies usually fight in groups and cannot be defeated in their smaller form, however if Starfy makes them eat one another they become a Zunbie Leader, a larger and stronger version of a Zunbie, although unlike its smaller counterpart, the Zunbie leader can be defeated. Starfy saves Shurikit from these in Sogwood Forest which is when she announces him as her master.


Zunbie's name may derive from the undead fictional creature, the zombie. Further evidence is seen in Zunbie's appearance, as it an undead creature.

Toy description

"If a Zunbie gobbles another Zunbie, it becomes...eugh! Can't think about it! This guy gives everyone the willies... Something about the eyes, eek!" (#033)