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Japanese Name ヒトダマ, Hitodama
Located S.S. Logwater
First Appearance The Legendary Starfy
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

Indigobo (Hitodama in Japan) are enemies which appear in The Legendary Starfy. An Indigobo is lead by three spirits. The spirits are blue and all have red eyes, but have no visible mouth. The leading spirit appears to be the oldest. It has a mustache and is usually wearing a top hat. The second spirit is smaller, has sad-looking eyes and no visible mouth. The third spirit is the smallest and is constantly seen sucking on a pacifier.

Indigobo wander S.S. Logwater; they are apparently searching for the souls of sailors "and starfish". If Starfy or Starly makes contact with an Indigobo it will grab him/her and the left and right buttons on the D-pad must be pressed continuously in order to escape. A heart is lost if the player character fails to escape.

Toy description

"These spirits wander sunken ships searching for the souls of sailors... And starfish. Don't just sit there, or you'll get gotten! Running away is your best bet!" (#067)


Name origin

  • English: Presumably based on the color indigo, a type of blue and possibly 'boo', an exclamation popularly depicted as being uttered by ghosts to frighten or surprise the living.
  • Japanese: Hitodama (人魂, literally "human soul" or "human ball"), written in katakana. Hitodama is a fictitious being from Japanese folklore based on wandering souls of the newly deceased, similar to will-o'-the-wisp from English and European folklore. Like common depictions of hitodama, Inidgobo appear similar to blue flames.