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This article is related to a game, manga series or other media that has not been released outside Japan. The coverage here may differ from what it would be in an official translation.
EvilLogo.png Boss: Arcy EvilLogo.png
Japanese name アーシィ, Ācy
Hit Points 19/20
Attack Power Skull and Crossbone Projectile: 10/11
Small Sanbaru projectile: 10/11
Rolling Sanbaru: 13/14
Spiky Obstacle (sandstorm): 10/11
Fought at Flourishing Desert
First appearance Densetsu no Starfy 4
Latest appearance Densetsu no Starfy 4

Arcy is the sixth boss of Densetsu no Starfy 4. He rides on a magic carpet and wears a large blue, red-striped hat with an orb at its center. He attacks with enemies and sandstorms, and often hides in pots. He apparently likes cute girls. In the story, he kidnaps Starly, as he is looking for a 'bride'.

Attack patterns

In the boss battle with Arcy, he protects himself using a barrier of sand and this must be broken in order for Starfy to be able to attack him. One of Arcy's attacks involves throwing small red Sanbaru like enemies at Starfy which immediately explode into four skull and crossbone like enemies which deal 10 or 11 health points to Starfy if he touches one. They can easily be avoided or defeated using a Star Spin. Another one of his attacks involves creating a rolling Sanbaru from the red orb on his hat, which he can make up to 4 at the same time, the lower his health is. The large red suns will eventually stop rolling and turn blue, shrink and vanish. Starfy will lose 13 or 14 health points if he touches one while it is still red.

Arcy's main attack involves bringing up two pots or three/four at lower health-points and then vanishing and hiding inside one of the pots. Arcy will then shuffle the pots around and wait for Starfy to choose the right pot which he is hiding in. If Starfy fails to select the right one, the pots will fall down from the air and make Starfy turn dizzy for a few seconds after they hit the ground. When Arcy creates four pots, he will also create two large carpets at both sides of the screen, presumably just to confuse the player. If Starfy performs a Star Spin on the right pot, Arcy will turn dizzy and is vulnerable to Starfy's attacks for a while until he puts another barrier of sand back up.

Arcy has a final attack, which he will only start using at lower health-points. This attack involves Arcy starting a sandstorm and a large sand-stream, which can go up to three sand-streams at even lower health points. When the sandstorm is in effect, spiky obstacles will fly across the area, which cause Starfy to lose 10 or 11 health-points if he touches one. The sandstorm must be stopped by breaking the sand-stream(s) by using 3 to 6 Star spins on each one.

As Starly, she won't have the benefits of Air Jump and the upgraded Star Spins to help her out, so she won't be able to do as much damage to Arcy if he is at the highest point. Until the carpets appear, she won't be able to reach the highest point to attack Arcy if his pot stops up there unless she was able to bounce her way up there when the pots moved, and will possibly have to wait out another wave of attacks before he can get low enough for her to attack him.


  • Arcy uses the pronoun Wagahai in Japanese. He is one of only two characters to use it, the other being Gekyojii.
  • Arcy always appears to be chewing something, and in fact never stops chewing.