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The Answers Cards (Japanese: アンサーズカード) are 36 items in Densetsu no Starfy 4. They are found by revisiting past stages once the player has beaten Degil for the first time. All 36 Answer Cards are required to remove the seal on King Tobira Majin and battle Degil's final form.

Answers Cards may be found at the end of ordinary routes before completing the main game, or at the end of the alternative routes past Tobira Majin. They appear to be shiny and sparkle with four-pointed stars when Starfy or Starly approaches one.

Certain Answers Cards are required as the answers to solve Tobira Majin's riddles. The player can keep track of which Answers Cards they have obtained by touching the 'magazine' in Moe's House. This brings the player to an Answers Card panel on the top screen and the titles of the Answer Card riddles by area on the touch screen. The riddle can be viewed by pressing the A button. If an Answers Card has not yet been collected in an area, it is marked on the touch screen as '☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆'. Answers Cards that the player has not yet collected are marked on the panel as '?'. ? marks may also appear on the top screen where there are less than three answers to mark the spaces for 'answer 2' and 'answer 3'.

List of solutions

A completed Answer Card Panel

The following table is a list of solutions to each riddle by stage, with their respective answer titles.

Number Stage Answer Title Correct Answers Cards
1 Lobber's Villa (1-1) Candle (ろうそく) Candle (ろうそく)
2 Lobber's Villa (1-2) Egg (たまご) Egg (たまご)
3 Lobber's Villa (1-3) Eraser (けしごむ) Eraser (けしごむ)
4 Lobber's Villa (1-4) Rice Ball (おむすび) Rice (ごはん), Umeboshi (うめぼし)
5 Tree of Beginning (2-1) Ghost (おばけ) Ghost (おばけ)
6 Tree of Beginning (2-2) Shortcake (ショートケーキ) Strawberry (イチゴ), Cake (ケーキ)
7 Tree of Beginning (2-3) Watering (みずやり) Water (みず), Watering Can (じょうろ)
8 Tree of Beginning (2-4) Frying Pan (フライパン) Frying Pan (フライパン)
9 Cupid Village (3-1) Sushi (おすし) Rice (ごはん), Fish (さかな)
10 Cupid Village (3-2) Siblings (きょうだい) Starfy (スタフィー, Stafy), Starly (スタピー, Stapy)
11 Cupid Village (3-3) Vase (かびん) Water (みず), Flower (はな)
12 Cupid Village (3-4) Moe (キョロスケ, Kyorosuke) Moe (キョロスケ, Kyorosuke)
13 Tear Lake (4-1) Fireworks Show (はなびたいかい) Fireworks (はなび), Bucket (バケツ), Water (バケツ)
14 Tear Lake (4-2) Santa Claus (サンタクロース) Santa-san (サンタさん)
15 Tear Lake (4-3) Reindeer (トナカイ) Reindeer (トナカイ)
16 Tear Lake (4-4) Tea Party (おちゃかい) Teapot (ティーポット), Cup (コップ), Sweets (おかし)
17 Hidden Village of Koimaro (5-1) Cool Set (すずしセット) Fan (うちわ), Windchime (ふうりん)
18 Hidden Village of Koimaro (5-2) Study Materials (べんきょうどうぐ) Notebook (ノート), Pencil (えんぴつ), Eraser (けしごむ)
19 Hidden Village of Koimaro (5-3) Shaved Ice (かきごおり) Ice (こおり), Strawberry (イチゴ)
20 Hidden Village of Koimaro (5-4) Umeboshi (うめぼし) Umeboshi (うめぼし)
21 Flourishing Desert (6-1) Umbrella (かさ) Umbrella (かさ)
22 Flourishing Desert (6-2) Gardening (にわいじり) Flowerpot (うえきばち), Flower (はな), Watering Can (じょうろ)
23 Flourishing Desert (6-3) Fishing (さかなつり) Fish (さかな), Fishing Rod (つりざお), Bucket (バケツ)
24 Flourishing Desert (6-4) Fried Egg (めだまやき) Egg (たまご), Frying Pan (フライパン)
25 Thousand Year Hill (7-1) Stationery (ぶんぼうぐ) Pencil (えんぴつ), Notebook (ノート)
26 Thousand Year Hill (7-2) Drink (のみもの) Teapot (ティーポット), Cup (コップ)
27 Thousand Year Hill (7-3) Friends (なかま) Starfy (スタフィー, Stafy), Starly (スタピー, Stapy)
Moe (キョロスケ, Kyorosuke)
28 Thousand Year Hill (7-4) Rainy Day (あめの日) Umbrella (かさ), Boot (ながぐつ)
29 Old Tower (8-1) Summer Goods (なつグッズ) Fireworks (はなび), Fan (うちわ), Windchime (ふうりん)
30 Old Tower (8-2) Halloween (ハロウィーン) Broom (ほうき), Ghost (おばけ), Sweets (おかし)
31 Old Tower (8-3) Flowerpot (うえきばち) Flowerpot (うえきばち)
32 Old Tower (8-4) Snow (ゆき) Ice (こおり), Snow (ゆき)
33 Degil's Castle (9-1) Christmas (クリスマス) Santa-san (サンタさん), Reindeer (トナカイ), Present (プレゼント)
34 Degil's Castle (9-2) Footprints (あしあと) Boot (ながぐつ), Snow (ゆき)
35 Degil's Castle (9-3) Birthday Party (たんじょうびかい) Cake (ケーキ), Candle (ろうそく), Present (プレゼント)
36 Degil's Castle (9-4) Cleaning (そうじ) Cloth (ぞうきん), Broom (ほうき), Bucket (バケツ)

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