The Missing Chapter

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Viewing The Missing Chapter from the Story menu

The Missing Chapter (Japanese: エンディング2, Ending 2) is the 24th Story cartoon in The Legendary Starfy. It is played after Starfy completes Stage 8-4 (Planet Bunnera), "Mashtooth's Last Stand" after clearing all secret areas.

This cartoon shows how Bunston ended up in Pufftop. Back on Planet Bunnera, just before the planet was attacked by Mashtooth, Starfy was shown in The Bunnera Times as a Hero of the Galaxy. A Bunneran Soldier says, "he's all over the news again". The Bunneran Soldier thinks that the Bunnerans should try to get Prince Starfy to visit Planet Bunnera.

He says that Prince Bunston has had to grow up fast, especially since his parents had passed away. The doors then open that lead to Bunston's spaceship. The Bunneran Soldier says that Prince Bunston and Prince Starfy are probably around the same age and 'bets they'd make good friends'. The Bunneran Soldiers steps into the spaceship and sets the coordinates somewhere (presumably Pufftop), while wondering what Starfy is like. Just after, another Bunneran Soldier reports an emergency. It is revealed that pirates have invaded Planet Bunnera. The Bunneran Soldier tells the other Bunneran Soldier to calm down, but he/she says that there is serious trouble, as they are under attack. The first Bunneran Soldier replies "Oh no... PIRATES?!" and the second Bunneran Soldier replies "yes, sir! And they don't want treasure! They seem to be after... Our special power!" One of them tells the other to protect the prince and get him to safety. He/she says he has more of the power than anyone on Bunnera.

Bunston's spaceship is set to autopilot with the destination as the kingdom of Pufftop. Bunston then falls into his spaceship, pressing a button and he is sent into space with the spaceship flying towards Pufftop.


  • One of the Notes (#19) alludes to how to unlock The Missing Chapter: What would happen if you cleared all the secret areas and beat the big bad boss?
The Missing Chapter