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Only in Japan!
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Hokwi Group
Japanese Name ホークィーズ, Hōkwi-zu
Species Bird
Affiliates Starly, Sir Hokwi
Location/Residence Misty Town
First Appearance Densetsu no Starfy 3
Latest Appearance Densetsu no Starfy 3

The Hokwi Group are a group of army birds lead by Sir Hokwi that only appear in Densetsu no Starfy 3. They teach Starly how to Crawl.

In Densetsu no Starfy 3

The Hokwi Group and their leader are first encountered in the second level of Misty Town, where after being scared by the giant forks and knives thrown at them, lose all of their bombs. They try explaining to Sir Hokwi that the area is really scary, to which their commander chastises them for being cowards. Sir Hokwi orders them to find all of their lost bombs, but Starly, wanting to save Starfy (who got trapped in a pile of knives and chairs trying to save her and Moe), offers to go in their stead. Sir Hokwi says this this is too dangerous for her (and the Hokwi Group agrees), but changes his mind after hearing her desire to save her big brother. Moved by this, he tells his subordinates that as punishment, they must escort Starly to where they lost their bombs and teach her to Crawl.

Arriving to the area where their lost bombs are, the Hokwi Group quickly teaches Starly how to Crawl, and tells her to come back to them after she finds all three. Once she does, she returns back to the Hokwi Group, who are surprised that she found them all so quickly. Sir Hokwi is incredibly impressed with Starly, and as promised, he lets her have a bomb to save her brother with. He additionally gives her the Commander's Cap, to the Hokwi Group's shock and envy.

Post Game

The player cannot talk to the Hokwi Group separately from Sir Hokwi during the post game, but by talking to their superior, they repeat his sentiments of asking Starfy and Starly to join their army.

Name Origin

The Hokwi Group's name comes from Sir Hokwi's name (ホークィ) with a "zu" (ズ) at the end, denoting that they are a group.


  • The Hokwi Group use the pronoun Wareware, a form of Ware, in Japanese. (This is one of many professional ways to say "We" in Japanese)
  • Much like the Squirts and the Makaikas, the Hokwi Group are named after their leader, Sir Hokwi. The other two being the Squirts (Yariikas in JP) named after Bawss (Yariika-san in JP), and the Makaikas named after Makaika.
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