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Starfy Unused Frog Tongue.png
Japanese Name Unknown
Family Unknown
First Appearance The Legendary Starfy
Starfy wearing the Ribbit Costume that appears in the final game as a Special

There are unused sprites depicting Starfy and Starly wearing a frog costume. It appears that the player was going to be able to attack using the frog's blue tongue. There are sprites of Starfy wearing this costume that are similar to Starfy using the Turbo Swim ability. They are omitted from Starly's sprites, presumably because she cannot use this ability. Sprites suggest that the frog was also going to have a charge attack. There are sprites of Starfy and Starly sleeping and spinning around in a green ball, as if they were Dizzy.

In the final game, there is a Special model (rather than 2D sprite) called the Ribbit Costume (Japanese: ゲロゲーロ), which depicts Starfy and Starly wearing a frog costume similar to the unused sprites of the frog. However, Starly's version of the Ribbit Costume is orange, not green like her sprites of the frog costume.