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Artwork for the Roostar transformation in The Legendary Starfy.

Roostar (Kokekō, コケコー in Japan) is a transformation in The Legendary Starfy. The Transforming Stone for this power can be obtained in Skydye Heights's, Area 1, 'On Top of the Clouds'. Its function is similar to the Kigurumi transformation in the first four The Legendary Starfy games. It looks like a rooster and has several eggs following it. Starfy can use it to jump and make loud Bugawks (cock-a-doodle-doo sounds) to attack almost all enemies on the screen. A Bugawk can be used to temporarily stun Lurchins and make them withdraw their spikes back into their body, so that Starfy can jump on to them without getting hurt. It can also be used to stun Stanglers, so that they withdraw back into their clams and stop releasing electricity.

The upgraded Bugawk ability, known as Super Bugawk is found in S.S. Logwater's Area Secret 3. After obtaining the Transforming Stone for the upgraded Roostar, the eggs following Starfy will hatch and Starfy is able to use the Roostar transformation to flutter in the air for a short period of time by holding the A button.


After the player first obtains Roostar in Skydye Heights (Stage 6-1), it becomes available as a costume in the 'Bunston' section of the Stuff.

Starfy wearing Roostar in the Stuff


  • When Starfy goes underwater with this ability, he looks weak and the Bugawk crows sound distorted.
  • The uses of this transformation are almost identical to that of Kigurumi.

Name origin

  • English: Possibly derived from "rooster" and "star".
  • Japanese: May be derived from "kokko" (コッコッ), which is a form of Japanese onomatopoeia for chickens clucking.
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