Zunbie leader

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Zunbie leader
Japanese Name キングゾンビィ, King Zonbyi
Affiliates Zunbies
Located Sogwood Forest and Glitzem Grotto
First Appearance The Legendary Starfy
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

A Zunbie leader (King Zonbyi in Japan) is a large and powerful transformation in that a Zunbie can turn into when it cannibalizes other Zunbies in The Legendary Starfy. Due to its large size it is hard to dodge and this combined with its great speed makes it a fearsome opponent. Zunbie leaders are created when regular Zunbies absorb each other. One Zunbie eats all the others, and then grows to a ridiculous size. Zunbie leaders can be defeated by hitting them 6 times. Regular Zunbies cannot be defeated at all if Starfy Star Spins them because this knocks them out unconscious for a few moments, only for them get back up. The only way to defeat a regular Zunbie is to knock them out a few times until they get mad, eat each other, and form the Zunbie leader.