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Icon for Rickety Ride, featuring a Mine-Car

Mine-Cars (Japanese: トロッコ, Trucks), also known as mine cars or trolleys are vehicles in The Legendary Starfy, found in Glitzem Grotto in areas 2, 4 and Area Secret 2.

When one is approached, Starfy, Bunston and Moe jump in it and ride it across the railway tracks. The Mine-Car will then move forward automatically and the map will scroll. The D-pad can be used to make the Mine-Car move backwards or move forward faster. The player can press the B button to make it jump.

The Mine-Car will break wooden boards when it touches them. If the Mine-Car falls off the bottom of the screen or gets crushed, Starfy will lose one heart and the map will be loaded again.

Mine-Cars appear in the Side Quests "Kittana and the Mine-Car Battle - Part 1" and Kittana and the Mine-Car Battle - Part 2".

In part 1, Kittana challenges Starfy to reach the finish of a Mine-Car ride, while avoiding his 'furious attacks'. Kittana will throw bombs and spikes towards Starfy. If Starfy gets hit three times, he will fail the minigame. If Starfy succeeds, will Kittana grant the player access to Area Secret 1.

In part 2, Starfy, rides a special Mine-Car with a cannon. Starfy must defeat Kittana by firing cannonballs at him using the Y button. He will create many illusory copies of himself which all disappear after one cannonball each, in addition to throwing bombs and spikes at Starfy. He will also occasionally throw a kitten-like enemy towards Starfy's path, which can be defeated by jumping on it via the B button. As before, Starfy is given three health points and must avoid getting hit by Kittana's attacks. If Starfy manages to defeat Kittana, he will grant the player access to Area Secret 3.

In area 4, the boss is Snips driving a train with Ronk. Like in Kittana and the Mine-Car Battle - Part 2, Starfy, Moe and Bunston ride a special Mine-Car with a cannon. Starfy must use the Y button to fire cannonballs at them. Hitting them three times causes their health points to deplete by one. Ronk will throw cannonballs and also rocks at Starfy, that can be destroyed by hitting them with Starfy's cannonballs.