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This page is a mirror of Densetsu no Starfy 4/Unused content/Unused models.

Ninja redirects here. It may also refer to Ninja Suit, Kusemono, Shurikit and Kittana.

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Family Unknown
First Appearance Densetsu no Starfy 4
Only in Japan!
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The Ninzya (or possibly just Ninja) are a set of unused Densetsu no Starfy 4 characters. Details about the Ninzya are mainly unknown, and the name is sourced by their 3D model names. They are also unused in Super Princess Peach.

There are yellow, green, purple and black Ninzya; ninja characters in a tunic with a sword (with what appears to be makeup for the black one) and a scary face. The yellow one is also mustached. The Ninzya may have either kanji 茶 (tea) or English text "1skin" on their foreheads. Since the black Ninzya models are called Ninzya5, it is possible there were more Ninzya planned but perhaps not all of them can be datamined from the final ROM.

It's possible that the Ninzya were never intended as The Legendary Starfy series characters at all, since the same directory holds graphics/assets from other games Tose worked on, such as Namco Museum Battle Collection (at least), and possibly tech demo assets. While Tose's involvement with Vanpool is unknown, it is speculated the Ninzya were for the cancelled untitled Tingle horror game by Vanpool; which would become Dillon's Rolling Western.

It could have also hypothetically been an early concept for Kusemono.