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Only in Japan!
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Artwork for Starfy and Moe's Powerful Spin in Densetsu no Starfy 4

Powerful Spin (Japanese: ぱわふるスピン) is an ability in Densetsu no Starfy 4. Only Starfy can use it. It is taught by Mattel in Degil's Castle, and it is the final Spill ability found in the game. Full SP is required to use it. If the Y button is pressed down and held, Starfy can perform a powerful spin with Moe that can be used to defeat enemies. Starfy and Moe move so fast that they get dizzy quickly.

In the story, Mattel; the "sage" who teaches Starfy the Powerful Spin comments that Starfy was the first person to learn it, as he is great friends with Moe. Though Starfy performs the Powerful Spin with Moe, it is apparent that it may not have been intended to be the real Moe. During the events of Degil's Castle's before area 3, Arasoinomon asked Starfy to extinguish the Hearts of Conflict but Moe had ran away shortly earlier. Mattel teaches Starfy the ability despite Moe not being there. Starfy has to use the Powerful Spin in area 3 to extinguish the Hearts of Conflict, and it is even possible to use the move when the real Moe (to be collected) is on the screen.