King Ping

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EvilLogo.png Boss: King Ping EvilLogo.png
Japanese Name ペンギル, Pengiru
Hitpoints HP.jpg
Species Penguin
Affiliations Penguins
Fought at King Ping
Residence Chillydip Cove
First Appearance The Legendary Starfy
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

King Ping (Pengiru in Japan) is the leader of all the Penguins in Chillydip Cove and acts as the boss of the stage.

Beating King Ping

Part 1

King Ping has two attacks in this part. His first attack is that he will kick three big snowballs at Starfy or Starly which can be destroyed with a Star Spin. His second attack is that he will jump up and try to land on the player. Starfy and Starly can dodge this by swimming away from King Ping's shadow. However, this can make Starfy and Starly, in wireless, to be on both sides of King Ping. This will render one of them useless, for King Ping will target only one of them. To deal damage, Starfy or Starly must hit his bellybutton.

Part 2

When King Ping only has four health points left, he will break the player character is standing on and fall down into an icy cave. His only attack now is rushing into Starfy and releasing large snowflakes from his mouth. There, Starfy or Starly must have the icicles from the ceiling fall on his head (which is covered by a bucket). It will knock the bucket off revealing a bump on his head. Attack that to do more damage. He will then put it back on. Repeat until King Ping has no more health.