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EvilLogo.png Boss: Pengod EvilLogo.png
Japanese name ペンゴッド, Pengoddo
Hit Points 5
Fought at Crushed Ice Alpine
First appearance Densetsu no Starfy 3
Latest appearance Densetsu no Starfy 3

Pengod is a boss in Densetsu no Starfy 3. He is a ferocious monster who wishes to freeze anything and everything, though his motives for doing so are unknown. He was sealed in ice long ago, but due to the evil magic scattered by Ogura after flying overhead, he was free once again. After hearing this, the Jellato Sisters went to go stop him, but were dealt with easily and frozen.


He cannot be attacked until the ice balls around him are destroyed. To do this, the player must make all the ice balls the same color by using Star Spin to change their colors. When spun into the ice turns from red to yellow, yellow to blue, and blue to red. Pengod has four attacks he'll use if the ice balls have not been broken yet. He can shoot about 8-9 balls of ice in a circle that travel in straight lines and are fairly simple to avoid. He can also shoot 3-4 snowflake shaped icicles that travel in at least three the four cardinal directions, expanding once they hit the edges of the area. He can also release icicles that will home onto the player's location after a while, similar to an attack Ogura can perform in his final form in Starfy 2. Finally, Pengod can dive towards the player, stopping for a short time before repeating the same attack. This attack leaves Pengod's ice shield the most vulnerable, but the player should be careful for the ensuing dashes (indicated by Pengod beginning to spin once more).

Pengod and his eight ice balls.


  • 「ひさしぶいにふっかつできたペン! なんでもかんでもこおらせてやりたいペン!ん~? なんだ~? おまえは~? どーでもいいペン!おまえもこおらせてやるペン!」 "After so long, I’m finally free-pen! Now I can freeze anything and everything I want-pen! Hmm~? And who might you be~? No matter-pen! I’ll freeze you all the same-pen!" ~Pengod before fighting him
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