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Only in Japan!
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Official character artwork

Kelkie (Japanese:ケルキー, Kerukī) is an ability in Densetsu no Starfy 4. It is the first transformation found in the game. Amiiyoshino gives it to Starfy. When using it, Starfy or Starly ride a red seahorse. Kelkie sleeps on the ground when Starfy or Starly are not riding her. Kelkie first appears in Tree of Beginning (Stage 2-2).


When no buttons are pressed, Kelkie will sink to the ocean floor. The control pad can be used to move Kelkie left or right. If the A button is pressed, Kelkie will jump up and rise slightly. If the B button is pressed, Kelkie will perform an uppercut attack which can defeat enemies.

Starfy riding Kelkie


Name origin

  • Kelkie's name might be derived from 蹴る (keru) "to kick" and Kelpie (ケルピー in Japanese); a shape-shifting spirit in/near lochs from Scottish and Irish folklore, though the Kelkie usually appears as a black-horse like creature or in human form.