Kamekko Radar 2

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Viewing the Kamekko Radar 2 on the Items screen

The Kamekko Radar 2 (Japanese: カメッコレーダー2) is an item in Densetsu no Starfy 2 found in level 4 of Turtle Turtle Land, which might be an upgrade of the Kamekko Radar. Unlike the original Kamekko Radar it is sound based. It is used to find Kamekkoimouto, Kamekkojinan, and Kamekkochounan. It beeps faster as Starfy gets closer to any of them.


  • In the room that contains Kamekkochounan, no conversation theme plays when talking to Moe. (In order for Moe to appear in the room, Starfy must not have acquired the Glide ability). The reason for this is unknown, but it might be because the Kamekko Radar 2 beeps in the vicinity of Moe.