Mermaid Gossip

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The Mermaid advising Starfy to use his Turbo Swim ability

Mermaid Gossip (Japanese: マーメイドヒント, Mermaid Hints) is a Touch Screen feature in The Legendary Starfy. It is given to Starfy by the Mermaid in Gluglug Lagoon, level 1 ("In Deep Trouble").

In this feature, the Mermaid offers Starfy and Starly advice. She also occasionally suggests that the player can take a break from playing the game by pressing START, saving or 'just going back to the map'.



  • There are some seemingly unused Mermaid Gossip messages in the game, including "Screens in Tandem" (Japanese: ぜんめんきょ、つうになります), "2nd week extra data" (Japanese: にしゅうめエクストラようデータ) and "IGNOREIGNORE". The first two are marked with the comment "[NOT SURE IF THIS COPY APPEARS IN GAME]" in the North American version.