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EvilLogo.png Boss: Choking EvilLogo.png
Japanese name チョキング,Chokingu
Hit Points 12/20
Attack Power Body: 7/8
Claws: 6/7
Toxic gas: 8/9
Species Crustacean
Fought at Tree of Beginning
First appearance Densetsu no Starfy 4
Latest appearance Densetsu no Starfy 4

Choking is a boss in Densetsu no Starfy 4. During the story, he attacks Amiiyoshino on Dejeel's orders.

He is a large crab with a coin purse on his back which conceals a large piggy bank in which he stores many pearls. Starfy must hit Choking's purse-like back using a Star Spin after he releases his claws to reveal the large piggy bank. Starfy must then attack the piggy bank a total of 12 times in order to defeat him.

In Densetsu no Starfy 4

After leaving Lobber's Villa via the Spring of Love, we see Dejeel lamenting giving Konk a power up, saying that it was a waste to do so. Paying it, and the Prince of Pufftop, no further mind, she asks the Mon Amour Stone "who the fairest of them all" is, and is enraged once the it shows a sakura tree instead of her. Calling for Choking, she tells him that his orders are to "chop down" this cherry tree for being more beautiful than her. Choking demands a raise after he finishes the job, to which Dejeel says that he'll get paid as much as he'd like and to hurry and go.


After Starfy, Starly, and Moe help Runosaru so they could gather information on Dejeel, they go back to Amiy Yoshino only to see that it looks like she's been attacked. She says that some bad guys did this to her, and that they're getting stronger. After teaching Starfy and Starly the Mon Amour Heal Spill, Choking shows himself, introducing himself by saying that he was the one who attacked the sakura tree, using his pincers to "give her a haircut". After an exchange of words, Choking sends Starfy and Starly flying into the stage in an attempt to quickly return home and see his pay.


During the battle, simply touching Choking will cause Starfy to lose six health points. Choking may jump into the air towards Starfy until falling to the ground again, this may either be a small jump or a rather large one. Choking may also release his claws into the air, momentarily revealing the coin purse on his back until they fall back on to Choking again. Getting hit by Choking's claws will cause Starfy to lose 7 health points. When Choking's claws are flying through the air, Starfy can use a Star Spin on the coin purse to reveal the large piggy bank. Starfy can then attack the piggy bank with his Star Spin up to three times, which makes Choking to lose 1 health point health point for every hit, until Choking hides the piggy bank inside of the coin purse and draws up his claws. When Choking has lower health points, it may only be possible to attack Choking up to two times until he hides the piggy bank again.

Choking, also has one attack that he will only start using after Starfy has weakened him. It involves Choking releasing a large cloud of toxic gas from his mouth which will expand in size and eventually disappear. Additionally, after releasing the toxic gas, he will also strangely release multiple pairs of claws at once even though he only appears to have two. Starfy is unable to damage Choking when the toxic gas is present even if he exposes his coin purse. Starfy will lose 8 health points if he is caught up in the cloud. Starfy can avoid it by swimming to the top of the room, as the cloud at its highest is only about twice as tall as Choking.

In Post Game

If the player challenges Choking again in post game, he complains that thanks to him losing, he lost a lot of money, and that he'll defeat Starfy or Starly and steal all their pearls.


Name origin

  • Choking's name is most likely a combination of the Japanese word 貯金 ("Chokin") meaning 'piggy bank' or 'savings' and the English word "king". Choking has a coin purse containing a piggy bank which holds many Pearls.
    • Choking's name also incorporates the Japanese word ちょき ("Choki"), meaning "snip".