King Owlrun

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EvilLogo.png Boss: King Owlrun EvilLogo.png
King Ourun.PNG
Japanese name オウルン王, Ourun Ou
Hit Points 20
Attack Power Body/Talons: 17/18
Woktopus Body: 15
Woktopus Fireball Projectile: 10
Tornado: 10
Species Owl
Affiliations Degil
Fought at Old Tower
Residence Old Tower
Temporarily: Amiy Kingdom
First appearance Densetsu no Starfy 4
Latest appearance Densetsu no Starfy 4

King Owlrun is the evil owl king in service to the evil Degil, and acted as her accomplice during the events of Densetsu no Starfy 4. He is the boss of Old Tower. In the boss battle with King Owlrun, he flies up high into the sky, so Starfy has to fight him by using the Propeller Bit and throwing carrot missiles at him using the B button.

Attack patterns

He has a variety of attacks, including charging into Starfy with his talons and spawning several portals into the area. Touching his talons or body will cause Starfy to lose 17 or 18 health points. Since Starfy can't fly, he will have to rely on the use of Propeller Bit with a barrier, which allows Propeller Bit to sustain just as much damage as Starfy. However, Starfy won't be able to use any of his SP abilities including Monamu Heal, and he will be limited to throwing carrot missiles in this fight.

When King Owlrun is in the middle of charging at Starfy or spawning a portal, he cannot be damaged. The portals each bring a Woktopus into the area before disappearing, which all must be defeated with a carrot missile otherwise King Owlrun will continuously not be able to get damaged. At lower health points, King Owlrun will move faster and spawn a larger number of portals at once. Each Woktopus will cause Starfy to lose 15 health points, and 10 health points if Starfy is unlucky enough to avoid its fireball projectiles.

King Owlrun will also attack by whipping up a tornado and aiming it towards Starfy, which King Owlrun will also be invincible at this time. The tornado can be repelled behind King Owlrun with several carrot missiles depending on how many health points King Owlrun has left. More carrot missiles are needed to repel it at lower health points. If Starfy can't repel the tornado in time, Starfy will take 10 damage. King Owlrun will occasionally fly in circular motion across the area, to make himself harder to hit.

As Starly, she will also have to use Propeller Bit to defeat King Owlrun, and she will also not have access to any of her SP abilities as well including the invincibility of Pufftop Barrier and the healing powers of Monamu Heal.


  • Since the Woktopus are actually enemies in this game and they are not specifically linked to the boss, they along with their projectiles don't receive an attack boost of 1 if King Owlrun is re-fought. Strangely enough, King Owlrun's tornado attack also doesn't get an attack boost even though that attack is supposed to be linked to the boss.