Hot-Spring Snapper

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EvilLogo.png Boss: Hot-Spring Snapper EvilLogo.png
The Hot-Spring Snapper
Japanese name おんせんガメ, Onsengame
Hit Points HP.jpg
Species Volcano-like Snapping Turtle
Fought at Hot-Spring Snapper Battle
Residence Hotcha Springs
First appearance The Legendary Starfy
Latest appearance The Legendary Starfy

“Graaaawwwrr! Eat Moe! Eat Moe!”
Hot-Spring Snapper, The Legendary Starfy

The Hot-Spring Snapper (Onsengame in Japan, literally Hot Spring Turtle) is a boss in the The Legendary Starfy. He is a giant turtle made of rocks who seems to be a combination of a snapping turtle and a sea turtle.

Beating the Hot-Spring Snapper

Part One

The Snapper attacking Starfy and Moe

Starfy or Starly must get into the air using the geysers. If he/she uses their Star Spin on him, the Hot-Spring Snapper will fall onto its back. Then, they must spin again at it's pink bellybutton in order to deal damage. Do this step five times. At this time, the Hot Spring Snapper will have 5 bars of health left, and the arena will change. To do double damage on the snapper, wait until he's underneath Starfy or Starly and jump up and spin on his underbelly without using the geysers to knock him on the ground. He will lose 2 bars of health rather than just one. This method is useful in Big Bossdown.

Part Two

A giant geyser will break through the ground which Starfy once stood on, so now he is forced to swim. Get directly underneath the Hot-Spring Snapper, then spin. He will receive more damage. Do this step until he has no health, to defeat the Hot Spring Snapper.

Toy Description

“The fireballs that shoot from his volcano shell spell HOT! HOT! HOT! This guy sure has a knack for running tourists out of Hotcha Springs!”

JP Translation: “Both the flaming rocks that come from that volcano on its back and the laser it fires are hot, hot, HOT! Hotcha Springs is apparently its territory, but it often causes trouble cause it damages the hot springs.”


  • The Hot-Spring Snapper is possibly a throwback to Gyamuran, a boss from Densetsu no Starfy 3, who is also a turtle with a volcano-like shell.