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Sir Hokwi
Japanese Name サー・ホークィ, Sā・Hōkwi
Species Bird
Affiliates Starly, the Hokwi Group
Location/Residence Misty Town
First Appearance Densetsu no Starfy 3
Latest Appearance Densetsu no Starfy 3

Sir Hokwi is the leader of the Hokwi Group in Densetsu no Starfy 3. His Trading Card mentions that he is the commanding officer of the Hokwis, meaning that he may be a higher rank than his name may imply.

In Densetsu no Starfy 3

Sir Hokwi and the soldiers under his command are first encountered in the second level of Misty Town, where he berates the Hokwis for losing their bombs after being scared by the giant forks and knives that attack them. Sir Hokwi tells his troops to go find the bombs, but Starly, wanting to save Starfy (who got trapped in a pile of knives and chairs trying to save her and Moe), offers to go in their stead. Sir Hokwi says this this is too dangerous for her, but changes his mind after hearing her desire to save her big brother. Moved by this, he tells his subordinates to teach her how to Crawl and that they should be as brave and determined as Starly is.

After Starly collects all three of their lost bombs, Sir Hokwi is incredibly impressed with Starly, and as promised, he lets her have a bomb to save her brother with. He additionally gives her the Commander's Cap, to the Hokwi Group's shock and envy.

Post Game

If the player talks to Sir Howki during the post game, he asks if both Starfy and Starly would like to enlist in his army (much like if you talk to him after saving Starfy in 3-2).

Name Origin

  • Sir Hokwi's name most likely comes from サー, which can mean either "Sir" or short for "Sergeant" (サージャント), and Hawk (ホーク).


  • Sir Hokwi uses the pronoun Watashi in Japanese, but also tends to use forms of Ware when talking to his troops.
  • It's stated in Sir Hokwi's Trading Card that he and his troops came to Misty Town in order to investigate a rise in paranormal disturbances. This could mean that either ghosts don't usually inhabit Misty Town or that something caused them to act this way (which may be Mad Piero, Kanterabaa, or possibly even Ogura's doing).
Sir Hokwi's sprite
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