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EvilLogo.png Boss: Bankirosu EvilLogo.png
Japanese Name バンキロス
Fan Name* Bankiross
Hitpoints 5
Species Sea Serpent-like creature/also inspired by ankylosaurus?
Affiliations Ogura
Fought at Stranded Whale, Gabun Ocean Trench
First Appearance Densetsu no Starfy
Latest Appearance Densetsu no Starfy 3

Bankirosu is a boss in Densetsu no Starfy and Densetsu no Starfy 3 known for causing tummy aches to big creatures like The Whale and Gabun by rolling around in their insides and upsetting them.


Densetsu no Starfy

Bankirosu, about to be swallowed by the Whale.

In the events of Densetsu no Starfy, Bankirosu is swallowed by the whale. Inside her body, he gives her a bellyache which causes her much pain. Starfy, after entering her body through her mouth, upgrades his spin attack and then confronts Bankirosu in an attempt to relieve the whale of her suffering. After Bankirosu is defeated, The Whale's bellyache resides.


Bankirosu in battle

In battle with Bankirosu, Starfy is surrounded by spiked walls. Bankirosu is invincible as he is covered in spikes and any attempt to attack him is futile. His attack involves curling into a ball and ramming into Starfy. In order to defeat him, Bankirosu must miss Starfy and hit the spiked wall instead. This will disable his use of spikes allowing him to be damaged with a Star Spin. After taking damage, Bankirosu will regrow his spikes and move faster. Once his life bar is defeated, Bankirosu will disappear completely. If the player battles him again after defeating Ogura, Bankirosu will gain two new moves: instead of blindly charging at Starfy, this time Bankirosu will chase Starfy in mid-charge before stopping, and when only two bars of his health remain, he will run away from Starfy while in his vunerable, spike-less state.

Densetsu no Starfy 3

He appears once again in Densetsu no Starfy 3 as the boss of Gabun Ocean Trench. This time around he was swallowed by the giant robot "whale" Gabun, and much like the Whale before him, Bankirosu was also causing him internal pain.


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