Kumajii's Honey

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Only in Japan!
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Kumajii's Honey as seen on the Items screen

Kumajii's Honey (Japanese: クマじいのハチミツ), also known simply as the Honey (Japanese: ハチミツ) is an item in Densetsu no Starfy 2. It appears in Large Tree's Forest (Stage 5-3). According to its description on the Items screen, it is Kumajii's favorite food. Kumajii asks Starfy and Moe to find it after showing Puchi Ogura #5's Letter. On the way to the Honey, Starfy and Moe encounter a puzzle. The puzzle requires Starfy to use his Star Spin to hit icons of certain fruit as well as a clam and a squid in a certain order in three rooms.

When Starfy and Moe give Kumajii's Honey, he says that if he eats it, it will fill him with power. He then punches down a large tree, leaving space for Starfy and Moe to proceed and revealing a door past the tree.