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TLS Mushrew Toy.png
Japanese Name オケモグラ, Okemogura
Located Sogwood Forest,
formally Hotcha Springs
First Appearance The Legendary Starfy
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

Mushrews (Okemogura in Japan[1]) are enemies that appear in The Legendary Starfy. They like to eat mushrooms and appear to be watchful, by hiding behind the mushrooms and looking in both directions before fleeing. These enemies are harmless to Starfy, but a Mushrew will flee if Starfy doesn't use his Star Spin to defeat it fast enough. Old Man Vern is angry at the Mushrews for eating all of his mushrooms and he states that he would give them mushrooms "if they just asked". They appear in a side-quest in Sogwood Forest. Starfy has to defeat 15 of them to be rewarded.

According to Old Man Vern, the Mushrews used to live in Hotcha Springs, but when the springs got too hot, they crossed the ocean to live in Sogwood Forest.

Toy description

"These guys love to drive Old Man Vern absolutely bonkers! These little guys pop up every now and then to taunt with full mushroom cheeks!" (#035)


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